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The Florida House is rolling out dozens of recommendations on the state’s hurricane response efforts. Equipping emergency shelters and preparing healthcare facilities top the list.

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North Florida Congressman Al Lawson is launching his Let’s Feed America campaign, which aims to reduce hunger by expanding eligibility and making it easier for those in need to receive access to food. Lawson says 1 out of 4 people in the fifth congressional district have been on the SNAP Program or food stamps this year.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting a more active hurricane season than initially expected. The announcement comes as Florida prepares for the peak months of the season – August through October.

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The Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency says Floridians today may suffer from more hurricane denial than in the past. Craig Fugate traveled to Tallahassee Wednesday in an effort to combat what he sees as widespread misunderstanding of storm data.

Fugate knows how Florida prepares for storms – he saw it first-hand during 11 disaster declarations as the state’s emergency management director.  But he says the way the public now consumes storm tracking data may actually threaten public safety.

NASA Earth Observatory

Friday marks the end of this year’s Atlantic Hurricane Season. It produced nineteen storms with three hitting Florida.

For the past few years, Atlantic air currents have saved Florida from severe hurricanes. That’s according to Erik Salna with the International Hurricane Research Center at Florida International University.

“So many storms have been formed, but so many of them stayed off shore because they all curved away from the U.S coast line.” Salna said.


With a few weeks left before the start of hurricane season, Florida Division of Emergency Management officials are preparing now just in case a hurricane makes landfall during the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Florida Disvision of Emergency Management Director Bryan Koon said while the chance of a hurricane hitting Tampa during the time frame of the convention is relatively slim, it’s something the state needs to have a plan for.

Hurricane season starts in June and more than 13-hundred people are gearing up at the Governor’s annual Hurricane Conference.

Department of Emergency Management Director Bryan Koon says while this year’s hurricane forecast is slightly lower than normal, that doesn’t mean citizens should spend any less effort getting prepared.