The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is forecasting a 70 percent chance of Florida receiving between 5 to 9 hurricanes this season. The forecast is predicted with the help of the National Hurricane Center, whose primary hurricane data comes from Florida State University’s Superensemble system.

A home hit by a large tree during hurricane hermine
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Leon County is a pilot community for a new Hurricane Strong Program that’s a partnership between the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes. County spokesman Mathieu Cavell says the program is focused on community resilience.

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The official start to the Hurricane Season may be months away, but Panhandle health officials want area residents to start preparing early.

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The U.S. Senate has passed a bill that includes a bipartisan effort from Florida’s Senators to improve hurricane forecasts.

Leon Sheriff's Pulling Overtime After Storm

Sep 6, 2016
Nick Evans

Fallen trees and live wires pose a threat to safety as citizens continue in the aftermath of Hurricane Hermine, and local law enforcement has been working overtime to clear the streets of debris and potential hazards.

For the past 10 years, there’s been a system in place allowing Floridians to register their contact information in case of an emergency situation. And, as residents continue to prepare for hurricane season, officials are stressing the importance of enrolling in that program.

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Hurricane Preparedness Week begins Sunday, and one Florida Senator will hold a hearing Wednesday as the hurricane season fast approaches.

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With Hurricane Season underway, Florida Emergency Management officials want residents to be aware of a program aimed at helping people with special needs during an emergency situation.


With Hurricane season underway, Florida officials are warning residents about scams that tend to blow through the state along with the storms.

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Federal forecasters say the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season will likely be below-normal, but they say that’s no reason to believe coastal areas will have it easy. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that forecast Wednesday.

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The Atlantic Hurricane Season officially starts June 1st. While it’s been a decade since the last significant hurricane in the Florida, officials say they’re confident in their preparedness efforts.

A pair of Florida State University researchers have a new way to better predict damage from hurricanes.

Professor Vasu Misra says the model will give forecasters a greater understanding of potential storm surge damages. 

Mirsa says, “As we move forward, this additional information will act as a complement for the forecaster who would like to warn the public about the strength of the storm, as well as possibly the size and intensity of the storm.” 

Capital Report: 06-13-2014

Jun 13, 2014

Governor Rick Scott recently signed the so-called Immigrant Tuition bill into law that would grant in-state tuition rates to undocumented immigrants. Since near the end of Session, Scott has been touting the legislation and even did a week-long tour this week. While it’s publicized more as a Hispanic win, Sascha Cordner reports on other segments of the immigrant population who will be also affected by the new law.

Capital Report: 06-06-2014

Jun 6, 2014

Recreational fishermen spend almost nine billion dollars in Florida each year. But this year, the fishing season for one popular saltwater fish has been drastically cut. As Jessica Palombo reports, the nine-day red snapper season has boat captains, congressmen and government-appointed fish managers all calling for changes to how fish supplies are managed.


Hurricane season is fast approaching, and Florida residents should heed all evacuation warnings. But a new survey reveals that an alarming number of Floridians would rather stay at home.

The hurricane season officially starts on June 1, which could soon mean flood watches and evacuation warnings for wary Florida residents. Some Floridians, however, would rather brave the storms themselves.

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Taxes on hurricane supplies and defense contractors interested in locating in Florida would be scuttled under bills that received a first hearing Thursday.

The state has inaugurated several sales tax “holidays” in recent years and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fort Walton Beach) wants to add another on hurricane preparedness supplies.

On Thursday, fellow House member John Tobia (R-Melbourne Beach) asked how much an average generator costs and how Gaetz chose to tax only those generators which cost more than $700.

Storm Season Revives State-Run Property Insurance Debate

Jul 20, 2012

As Floridians continue cleaning up after Tropical Storm Debby, residents all over the state are filing insurance claims to cover the losses of their homes, boats and cars. The storm also left hundreds of property owners contending with destructive and expensive sinkholes. Debby’s direct hit, months before the peak of hurricane season, adds fuel to a debate over Florida’s property insurance market. Policymakers are warning the state-run Citizens Property Insurance needs to raise rates and drop customers to avoid an even bigger financial catastrophe for Florida residents.

Capital Report: 06-01-2012

Jun 1, 2012

Today marks the start of hurricane season, and officials are reminding Floridians of the importance of getting prepared by knowing evacuation routes, having a plan for their pets and making sure they have supplies on hand. But Regan McCarthy reports some say one thing citizens might not be prepared for is the potential insurance policy assessments they could receive if a storm does hit. 

Capital Report: 05-04-2012

May 4, 2012

Most of the people charged in the hazing death of a Florida A & M University drum major have been taken into custody. Lynn Hatter reports the arrests come after state law enforcement authorities announced charges against 13 people on Wednesday. The arrests have some people beginning to wonder what’s next in the fate of FAM-U’s fabled band program.