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Human trafficking is a 34-billion dollar industry that state, national, and international groups and leaders are hoping to curb. And, one way they’re hoping to address the problem is through an educational two-day forum in Florida called "“Modern Day Slavery: Creating Strategies and Partnerships in Combating Human Trafficking.”

Capital Report: 09-28-2012

Oct 1, 2012

Florida’s voter registration numbers for both Republicans and Democrats stagnated over the course of about a year, and political experts say it’s mainly because of a law passed last year that put limits on third party voter registration. But, now that some of those restrictions have eased, there’s a mad dash around the state to ramp up voter registration drives before the October 9th deadline.


The state of Florida is known as a hub for human trafficking. Some experts say it’s one of the most active states in the county for the crime.  Now state leaders are looking for new ways to crack down on the problem

Lawmakers have worked to put more penalties in place for people who get caught in a human trafficking stings. They’re changes Tina Frundt says are a clear step in the right direction.

It’s About Florida: Human Trafficking

Sep 27, 2012

The issue of child trafficking is in the spotlight this week as President Obama and Florida officials respond to growing concerns about underage sex workers and other minors being held against their will . More than 250 concerned state and community leaders and advocates attended the first Florida Children and Youth Cabinet Human Trafficking Summit to learn about trafficking in Florida, what the state is doing to prevent it and what people can do to help victims in their own communities.

Trimmel Gomes

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is calling for the state health department to investigate massage therapy schools after it’s been revealed that hundreds of massage therapists obtained state licenses through fraud. Investigators are concerned the illegally licensed massage therapists might be the victims of human trafficking.

Scott has ordered the suspension of 81 massage licenses so far. Some of the women reportedly paid up to $15,000 to get fake college certificates and transcripts, which they submitted to the state during their application. 

Florida State Attorney General Pam Bondi says the law she pushed to crack down on human trafficking is working. Bondi is adding a human trafficking page to her website to show how the state is fighting it.

Bondi says she’s very excited about the results of the state’s human trafficking crackdown after a tougher law went into effect on July 1. Trafficking refers to the crime of moving and enslaving people against their will, often for sex work.  

Florida is a hub for human trafficking, or moving people against their will to be slaves or sex workers. The Florida State Attorney’s Office, law enforcement officers from across the state and Georgia, and several nonprofit groups are meeting this weekend in Tallahassee to learn how to identify victims and fight against traffickers.

The Salvation Army Corp of Tallahassee is sponsoring the seminar because, the group’s Julie Smith says, more than 24,000 people in the U.S. are here against their will. Many of them come through Miami and end up all over Florida, she says.

Capital Report: 02-08-2012

Feb 8, 2012

Today’s (Wednesday’s) Florida House Session was a marathon.  Tom Flanigan reports members kicked things off promptly at a quarter-til-eleven in the morning and were scheduled to plow through the budget process until seven in the evening….


House lawmakers spent more time on some issues than others…

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Wednesday renewed a push for legislation to  end slavery. James Call reports, Bondi says she wants to make Florida a zero-tolerance state for human trafficking.

Law enforcement says Florida is a gateway for human trafficking, ranking behind New York and Los Angeles. The FBI lists Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville among the top 13 metropolitan areas for the sex trafficking of children.