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Florida Gov. Rick Scott has been talking up the Republican Congress’ plans for the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare. But while he’s in Washington D.C. meeting with President Donald Trump’s administration, his public comments are being criticized at home.

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A bill seeking to reform Florida’s Retirement System is now heading to the House floor, despite continued opposition.

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Florida Governor Rick Scott signed three bills into law Thursday, the first round of the 2016 Legislative session. The smooth passage of the top priority bills could ease tensions at the State Capitol.

Rep. Pafford Calls Fellow Lawmakers Tone Deaf

Oct 14, 2015

The Florida House Minority Leader is calling his fellow lawmakers tone deaf. Democratic Representative Mark Pafford of West Palm Beach says the state is suffering from a lack of leadership.

“How dare we say we are doing anything for the people of Florida when year after year we fail. We are spending 25 weeks in Tallahassee because we’ve spent so much time doing nothing? And we’ve got to keep coming back and trying,” he said.

Committee meetings begin Wednesday.
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Lawmakers are converging on Tallahassee to begin debating next year’s legislation with little time to heal from a bruising series of policy fights.  Republicans are looking to turn the page on an ugly year.

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The Florida House of Representatives cleared out several proposals Friday, sending them to the senate.

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Last week, Florida democrats met in the capitol to discuss plans to oppose statewide pension reform, and now they can check it off their to-do list- the idea has been shot down by house leaders.

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With the legislative session under way, the Republican majority’s legislative plans are beginning to take shape.  Minority leadership got in on the action Thursday stressing the need for better water and anti-discrimination legislation.