The “Up and Away” campaign is underway for the Halloween Season. Health officials are warning parents to keep medicines away from their kids to avoid confusing pills with candy.

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Florida Department of Corrections’ probation officers will be working with law enforcement across the state Monday to ensure sex offenders are not interacting with kids this Halloween.

Up and Away campaign

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is partnering with other health officials to remind parents to avoid “candy confusion” by keep their medications and their children’s Halloween candy separate.

Pupils In Peril

Oct 26, 2012
Chris Polydoroff / Knight Riddler Tribune

Decorative contact lenses, used frequently during Halloween, are coming under fire from doctors, and they say these costume accessories pose to your eyes.

Every Halloween, you might see that one trick or treater in the cat costume with the nifty cat-eye contact lenses, or the zombie party goer with their eyes totally blacked out. But Dr. Stacey Kruger, an Ophthalmologist out of Miami, said the use of these over the counter lenses can cause serious problems.

Halloween Howl Seeks Volunteers for Its 18th Year

Oct 12, 2012
Tallahassee Museum

Halloween Howl at the Tallahassee Museum is gearing up for its 18th year and is seeking volunteers. On the nights of October 26th and 27th the Tallahassee Museum will be taken over by the spirit of Halloween. The Haunted Trail is making a return visit for those who want a scare along with carnival games and trick-or-treating throughout the park. But they’ve also got something new in store.

A Local Pumpkin Patch With A Long Tradition

Oct 12, 2012
Thomas-Andrew Gustafson

On the corner of Mahan and Capital Circle is a field of orange: The Tallahassee Heights United Methodist Church Pumpkin Patch. It’s been 26 years of pumpkin contests, home-baked goods, and home-made crafts. Couples have met and a there’s even been a wedding engagement. The pumpkin patch at Tallahassee Heights is a generational event: Grown-ups who came as kids years back now bring their kids to the patch.

A late-night drive out Highway 90 to Monticello is a spooky enough adventure on its own. But that's just the prelude to the Historic Monticello Ghost Tours put on by the Big Bend Ghost Trackers.