Gulf Specimen Marine Lab

Weezer, one of the rehabilitated Kemp's Ridley sea turtles, returns to the wild.
AnnMarie Welser / wfsu news

The Gulf Specimen Marine Lab released two adolescent Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles Thursday. For local marine biology icon Jack Rudloe, this turtle release was particularly meaningful.

What were once two very sick loggerhead sea turtles are now fully recovered and will be headed back to the wild this Friday (9/1).

Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratories

The year-end holidays will be a bittersweet time at the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab and Aquarium in Panacea. The staff there will be saying goodbye to a long-time friend and have invited everyone who’s interested to come to the farewell party.

Florida FWC

The Gulf Coast is home to the most endangered sea turtle in the world: the Kemp’s Ridley. The fate of the turtles depends on the region’s coastal wetlands, where tropical storms, and oils spills have taken their toll. Here's a look into the uncertain future of the delicate ecosystem.

Learning From the Denizens of the Deep

Jul 1, 2015
Gulf Specimen Marine Lab

Kids of all ages seem to be endlessly fascinated with the creatures of the deep.  Now Panacea’s Gulf Specimen Marine Lab is offering a special program to make those creatures and the world they live in more interesting than ever.

Katie Chandler, the lab’s environmental education coordinator, came up with the concept and the execution.