Greyhounds racing
Rainer Hungershausen

Florida is one of the few states where greyhounds continue to race. While some are pushing for the end of the practice, others counter the industry helps ensure the dogs are well cared for. Now  lawmakers are looking into a measure intended to create more protections for the animals.


A new law makes it riskier to drug racing animals. But greyhound advocates are complaining that the Legislature failed to pass meaningful protections.

Advocates for the humane treatment of greyhounds are asking Florida lawmakers once again to remove a state law tying dog racing to gambling licenses. They say the measure should help phase out a pastime that’s already dwindling in popularity.

Current state law requires dog tracks to maintain a steady racing schedule in order to keep their gaming licenses, and then they can offer games like poker.

But on Monday, Cary Theil, executive director of advocacy group Grey2k USA, asked the Senate Committee on Gaming to remove, or “decouple,” the dog-racing requirement.