Ft. Lauderdale Airport

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Following last year’s mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub and this year’s at the Fort Lauderdale airport, some Republican lawmakers are showing even more support for open carry-related bills. But, a gun coalition as well as some Democratic lawmakers are countering those pro-gun bills with measures of their own.

New Airline's Plans Grounded - For Now

Feb 26, 2014
Yuichi Kosio / Flickr Creative Commons

Florida Express Jet was poised to answer the prayers of consumers in the capital city last week when it announced plans to begin jetting Floridians across the state at bargain prices. The newly-minted company promised flyers hundred dollar one-way flights from Tallahassee as far south as Ft. Lauderdale but the company reneged on its proposal in a Tuesday morning email to Tallahassee Airport Director Chris Curry. Curry said the airline started selling tickets before negotiations were even finalized.