Man looks horrified as he receives a robocall on his cell phone.
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You’re probably not in trouble with the IRS, don’t need a medical brace, and aren’t under arrest. But you’ve undoubtedly gotten robocalls to the contrary. In fact, Americans got more than 26 billion of those calls last year.

“Consumers have been saying loudly and clearly and for many years that they are fed up with unwanted robocalls,” says Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai in a video on the commission’s website.

One of today’s more common phone scams would seem to be from the Internal Revenue Service. WFSU’s Tom Flanigan received just such a call and followed up on it.

Tallahassee Police Department

Tallahassee Police are warning residents to be wary of suspicious text messages asking for personal information.  Police say some citizens have reported receiving text messages purportedly coming from Bank of America. The message tells the recipient the bank has detected possible fraud related to their account and gives them a number to call beginning with the area code 406. The number rings to an automated service that asks callers to give personal information including their debit card numbers.

Tallahassee Firefighter Charged With Fraud

May 20, 2014
Ryan Benk / WFSU News


A Tallahassee firefighter is being charged with giving 42 fire college students passing grades although he actually didn’t teach a single course. Now Lt. Matt Schlossman faces 17 fraud charges.

Wakulla County Sheriff's Office

Wakulla County Sheriff’s deputies are warning residents to be on the alert for a new kind of phone scam. Older residents are common fraud targets, with scammers regularly asking for bank information, help in setting up a loan or money for doing odd jobs that never get done.

Florida A&M University’s events director is facing eight misdemeanor charges for filing fraudulent travel expenses.

FAMU events director Tammy Hamlet is accused of falsifying mileage reports and departure times for trips she took between September 2010 and May 2011. Investigators say she then submitted those reports for reimbursement from the university, resulting in $1,821 worth of fraudulent charges.  Florida Department of Law Enforcement Spokesman Steve Arthur says this investigation is one of many that began after the death of band drum major Robert Champion.

Sascha Cordner

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam revealed Tuesday that his office has uncovered two companies trying to defraud taxpayers of millions of dollars in energy grant money. Putnam called for an audit of the Office of Energy, after the Legislature last year placed the office under his purview.

Putnam blames past administrations, especially the Crist administration, for the mismanagement of funds and absence of leadership, which he says led to the stolen $2.5 million.


There’s a Florida law that’s setup to clamp down on health care fraud. But, it’s causing one woman to put her dream to be a nurse on hold. As Sascha Cordner reports, one lawmaker has filed a new bill that if passed, could give the woman a second chance at her dream.

It began as a comprehensive law to fight health care fraud. But, Democratic Senator Arthenia Joyner of Tampa says that legislation passed two years ago has unintended consequences. That’s why she filed a bill to help those who want to become licensed health care professionals, but have a felony record.