Francisco Garcia

Advocates for a deaf inmate currently serving a life sentence for murder say they believe he’s innocent and are optimistic he’ll be released in the next several years. But, the victim’s family is hoping for a much different outcome.

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Wednesday was the latest parole hearing for a deaf man currently serving a life sentence for a 1981 murder he says he did not commit. The parole board agreed to keep his presumptive parole release date the same.

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The high-profile case of a deaf inmate was the subject of lengthy debate Wednesday before the Florida Commission on Offender review. The panel heard perplexing, and at times emotionally-charged testimony before deciding whether to move up parole dates for two brothers convicted for a 1980’s murder.

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Advocates for a deaf man serving a life sentence for murder are pleased with a decision by the state parole commission to reduce his possible parole date by a year.

They claim Felix Garcia was framed by his brother and sister. But another brother--Mark Garcia--says he’s been told Felix is guilty.

“That’s what I heard over the years. I wasn’t there, I can’t tell you. It’s all hearsay. I know my brothers and that’s it. I know what happened in my heart. I know what the case is," Garcia said when asked whether he believes Felix is guilty.