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Florida business leaders are pushing back against a potential change to Florida’s constitution. It would require businesses to verify new workers are eligible to work in the U.S.

Gov. Scott touring damage in Key West after Hurricane Irma.
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Florida Governor Rick Scott is touting a record tourism despite a challenging Hurricane season.

Visit Florida's Vice President Steps Down

Jun 27, 2017
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Vice President of Florida’s tourism agency, Alfredo Gonzalez is stepping down. Spokesman Stephen Lawson says Visit Florida’s current President, Ken Lawson will lead the organization forward.

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Meetings and conventions form a big part of Florida’s visitor business. Representatives from dozens of destinations catering to that market were having their own meeting in Tallahassee today (5/16).

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Despite a predicted slow down during the cooler winter season, the Zika virus continues plaguing Florida.

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The state’s publicly funded tourism agency has a new director. The leadership change comes as state lawmakers begin debating whether Visit Florida, and similar agencies, should exist at all.

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Due to storm damage and power outages, some Tallahassee residents are staying in local hotels. Even as football fans flock to the city for the first home game of the season, hotel owners say there’s plenty of room.

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Florida tourism numbers may be showing a record high, but it’s still unknown how factors, like Zika, will impact the industry. Still, Governor Rick Scott appears to be optimistic.

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With tragedies at home and abroad, Florida has been inundated with bad news this summer, which can affect the public’s travel plans. WFSU takes the pulse of the state’s tourism industry.

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Films like “Magic Mike” and “Edward Scissorhands” were filmed in Florida. Due the states struggle to compete with other state incentives Florida lawmakers make an effort to revise the state’s tax credits for film productions in Florida.

The Sunshine State is featured in popular movies such as “2 Fast 2 Furious” and “Dolphin Tale” parts one and two. With four consecutive years of record-breaking tourism, films in Florida play a big part of the state’s economy.

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Tourism Day is bringing out the film, restaurant and museum industries, among others. State officials want to highlight their role in the states number one industry.

Every 85 visitors to the state supports one Florida job. Tourism employs more than 1.1 million Floridians.

Last year, more than 97 million people toured the state’s restaurants, museums and even film sites. President of Film Florida, Michelle Hillery says film and tourism is a perfect marriage.

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The state’s tourism officials say Florida broke records in 2013 in nearly every tourism category. The group is already setting lofty goals for this year.

Preliminary numbers show the state hosted about 95-million visitors in 2013. Governor Rick Scott says he wants to see that number keep growing and he’s requesting $100-million in the next budget to help make it happen. Visit Florida Chief Marketing Officer Paul Phipps says he thinks it can be done.

Tourism is still Florida’s number one industry with places like Disney World a crowd favorite. But Visit Florida CEO Will Seacombe says some other spots are attracting more attention these days:

“We’re doing a much better job of promoting a lot of 'off the beaten track’ opportunities to explore the original Florida. And a lot of that, in a large part this year, is due to the platform Of Viva Florida, and the 500 year anniversary of when Juan Ponce de Leon first landed", he said.

Baseball Spring Training Steps Up Fla.'s Tourism Game

Feb 20, 2013
Florida Grapefruit League

It’s time to play ball! On Thursday, the first pitch of the Major League Baseball Spring Training season is being thrown in Florida. The six-week schedule of ballgames is expected to bring big tourism dollars to the state.

Lifelong Philadelphia Phillies fan Mike Lederer bought his plane ticket to Florida back in December. He said, he can’t wait to be in the Clearwater stadium with a crowd just a small fraction the size of what he’s used to back home.

While many parts of Florida’s economy remain somewhat sluggish, there’s one area that’s going great guns.  Tom Flanigan reports it’s the state’s number one industry – tourism – and things are expected to keep getting better.

Despite the worldwide economic slowdown, political uncertainties, terrorist fears and almost every other negative you can think of, U-S Commerce Secretary John Bryson sees the number of international visitors to the United States growing….