Florida State University

Governor Rick Scott says he thinks Florida’s new Polytechnic University will pay off in the long run. Lynn Hatter reports it was the Governor’s first public statements about the new school since approving its creation a few days ago.

The new Florida Polytechnic University comes at a time when the rest of the state’s universities are taking a $300 million dollar cut. Scott says it’s time for the universities to prioritize their programs and that the new university is part of that reorganization process.

Sitting on Governor Rick Scott’s desk are two proposals that could bring about big changes to Florida’s Higher Education System. Both measures were hotly debated during the 2012 legislative session and continue to be even now. Lynn Hatter reports one proposal would create a 12th public state university, and the other would let two schools break free of the state’s tuition caps.

If you ask students how they feel about tuition, the answer is pretty uniform.

Seventeen year- old Sam Cook is running to raise money for Killearn United Methodist Church’s yearly mission trip to Central America. Ryan Benk reports the Florida State University Freshman plans to run 1,250 miles, the distance between Leon County and Leon, Nicaragua.

Tallahassee guitarist has international appeal

Mar 26, 2012

A Tallahassee guitarist has his sights set on a six-string career.  But, as Tom Flanigan tells us, reaching the heights of technical mastery and international acclaim is a long, hard climb.

From his first childhood memories, Silviu Ciulei  recalls his parents urging him to play sports.

One of America’s most respected and best-known travel advisers comes to Tallahassee this week.  Tom Flanigan reports Rick Steves will be sharing his tips on how to see Europe like a native at Ruby Diamond Auditorium this Thursday evening…

Steves, whose travel show airs on public TV and radio stations across the country, says he is no “Ricky Come Lately” to European exploration:

Florida’s 11 public universities will lose another 300-million dollars for the upcoming fiscal year. That includes a double-whammy for Florida’s Capital city, home to two of those institutions. The loss of state revenue has both schools looking to their students to make up some of the difference, and as Lynn Hatter reports, students and community and state colleges will also be asked to pay more.


The Florida Legislature has okayed a bill that would let Florida State University and the University of Florida increase tuition rates to the national average. But some FSU students are pushing back. Lynn Hatter reports, the students say Governor Rick Scott made them a tuition promise—and now they want him to stick to it.

Plans to let the University of Florida and Florida State University to break free of the state’s tuition caps moved forward in both the House and Senate Tuesday. Lynn Hatter reports.

 The House version of the measure cleared the chamber’s appropriations committee on an 18-5 vote.
The Senate version of the bill cleared its chamber’s Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee unanimously.

If you want to be a Gator or Seminole it could soon cost you a lot of money. Students at two of the state’s largest universities could see tuition bills more in line with those at other top-tiered schools in the nation. Lynn Hatter reports a proposal to allow the schools to break free of the state’s tuition cap is now making its way through the legislature.


Vice President Joe Biden is carrying the message of making college more affordable throughout Florida this week. Monday he stopped in Tallahassee at Florida State University to talk about the rising cost of tuition—an issue that’s been front and center in state politics recently. But Lynn Hatter reports when it comes to the issue of holding down costs in higher education—some say it shouldn’t come at the cost of financial aid to students who need it the most.


Santorum has branded himself as the  “Christian conservative” candidate over the course of his presidential bid, and during a prayer breakfast at Florida State University, he once again played up his conservative credentials, talking about the role of faith in government, education and politics.

“We will never have limited government, we will continue to be less free, unless we revitalize the institutions of faith and family in America. That’s the real message.”

Two of Tallahassee's higher education institutions have been ranked among the nation's most affordable schools. Lynn Hatter reports when it comes to paying for college, many of the best values can be found in Florida.

Florida State University and Florida A&M University have been ranked among some of the nation's most financial friendly colleges and universities. FSU's ranking comes from Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, which placed it as the 18th most affordable college in the nation. Florida A & M's credits come from JET magazine.