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Update 7:oo p.m.: Bill Funk has been called the “guru of higher education recruiting” by the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Florida State University has hired him to help find a new president. But Wednesday he told the university’s search committee the task has been made more complicated by the candidacy of Sen. John Thrasher, R-St. Augustine. 

“To be in the public with someone who cast such a long shadow over the process, really limited the interest of these individuals,” said Funk.

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When it comes to softball, Tallahassee’s higher education institutions are on a roll. Florida A&M, Florida State and Tallahassee Community College’s women’s teams are all heading to playoffs, giving the Capital City something to cheer about.

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During last weekend’s annual NFL draft nearly a dozen Florida State football players were snapped up by pro teams. With a couple FAMU players also getting a shot, Tallahassee schools could get more representation in the NFL.

Ads Warn Of 'Rape Problem' At Florida State University

May 7, 2014

Advertisements warning of a so-called “rape problem” at Florida State University are popping up online when prospective students search for information about the school. The group behind the campaign says the goal is pressuring colleges to adopt White House rape prevention guidelines.

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One of Florida State University’s biggest athletic stars may also be one of the school’s biggest liabilities. The federal government is now probing the school’s handling of sexual assault and harassment allegations against Jameis Winston—using a portion of federal law traditionally governing equal access in sports.

Florida State University

It’s a warm Friday afternoon on Florida State University’s campus in Tallahassee. Maintenance workers are cleaning the sidewalks with pressure washers in front of one of the school’s campus coffee shops. Students here are reacting to the university’s attempt to “clean up” its iconic Osceola emblem.

Sophomore Carlene Gonzalez-Brown isn’t sure why the university felt the need to change the logo. She feels more emotionally connected to the classic Osceola head but she admits ultimately what and where she studies is more important than the logo that represents the school.

Florida A&M University and Florida State University are partnering up to bridge the gap between workforce needs and the type of degrees students are earning. 

The two schools will split a state-issued $3 million grant to focus on improving the information technology workforce in North Florida.

Florida State University

Florida State University’s provost will become the school’s interim president. Garnett Stokes takes the helm of Florida State as current university President Eric Barron departs for Penn state.

Barron was appointed Penn State University’s new university president last month. Florida State University Trustees named Stokes to the interim position as the school begins a national presidential search.


Florida State University will become the latest public institution to start a presidential search after its president was tapped Monday to head Penn State University as its 18th president.

Barron will be paid a base salary of $800,000—nearly twice as much as he makes now as president of Florida State. He’s also getting a $200,000 signing bonus and, if he sticks around for the duration of his five-year contract, he’ll earn another $1 million. During a Penn State Board of Trustees meeting Monday, Barron said he’s happy to be going back to the school.

New IT Agency Haunted By Past Failures

Feb 14, 2014
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The state of Florida is one step closer to creating an agency dedicated to streamlining how the state implements technology. But, this is the Sunshine State’s second crack at an IT Agency – its last ended in disappointment. Now, some wonder if this iteration is doomed to repeat past failures.

Is FSU's Barron Heading Back To Pennsylvania?

Feb 14, 2014

6:55 p.m. update

Florida State University Board of Trustees Chair Allan Bense has released the following statement regarding President Eric Barron's possible departure: "We have received no official communication from anyone about this," Bense writes.  "If it is true that Dr. Barron is leaving, it will be a great loss for Florida State University. But we would certainly wish him well in his new endeavor. He would be greatly missed." 

5:30 p.m. update

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Florida State University has suspended one of its fraternities and four of the Greek house’s members face charges after an alleged hazing incident.

A Snow Day Without Snow

Jan 29, 2014
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Because of the rare cold weather in Tallahassee, Florida State University canceled classes Wednesday, much to the delight of students, many of whom ventured outside -- buttoned up from head to toe -- to catch a glimpse of their first snowfall and snap shots of frozen fountains.But, when a group of students arrived at one fountain, they were sorely disappointed. Instead of a still and frozen body of water, they were greeted by the sound of rushing water.

Twitter Reacts To Winston Announcement

Dec 5, 2013

Accuser's changing story leads State Attorney to decline charges.


The Tallahassee Police Department is pushing back against allegations it has mishandled a rape investigation involving Florida State University Quarterback Jameis Winston.

The incident happened in December 2012, but is just now coming to light—raising concerns about the way the police department has handled the case.

Tallahassee Police Chief Tom Coe says despite media reports, the case involving FSU’s Winston was never closed. That contradicts statements made by Winston's attorney Tim Jansen, who says he was told otherwise.

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This weekend Florida State University’s football team will take on in-state rival, the University of Miami. The game is the third-ranked Seminoles' latest test in a quest for an ACC championship and their first national title in more than a decade.

The game is also a big deal for the Tallahassee economy.

“This may be the biggest football weekend as far as college football goes this season," says Florida Sports Foundation Communication Director Nick Gandy.

Florida State University officials are keeping up the school’s efforts to expand. That includes giving the President Eric Barron more purchasing power. 

In recent years, Florida State University has purchased old state buildings, lots adjacent to the school and even the Leon County Civic Center.  There are even more parcels the university has its eye on as part of its master plan and FSU Trustees gave permission to University President Eric Barron Friday to keep on buying.

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Florida State University oceanography professor Ian MacDonald has spent decades studying the Gulf of Mexico. Most of his work has centered specifically on oil in the Gulf—both natural seeps and industry leaks.

When the Deepwater Horizon Oil platform exploded three years ago, killing 11 people and sinking the rig, the BP oil company and the federal government were slow to determine how much oil was flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.

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A Florida State University student who claimed her social media account was hacked has withdrawn a request for an investigation by the FSU Police Department.

Messages posted through twitter and vine accounts used by the student used racial slurs to identify black students at FSU and Florida A&M University.

The posts caused an uproar on social media and the student initially claimed her account was hacked.

University officials say there won't be any further investigations into the incident, nor are there plans to move forward with any action against the student.

FSU President Backs Law Charging Vets In-State Tuition

Sep 23, 2013
Stan Jastrzebski

A group of Florida State University students and administrators Monday urged the Florida Legislature to approve a bill which would offer in-state tuition to veterans attending public colleges in the state.  

Public schools usually make much more on out-of-state students than on their in-state brethren.  That’s true at Florida State, where out-of-state credits cost about $500 more per hour.  That mean students may be charged an additional $60,000 for a four-year degree. But it’s a cost FSU President Eric Barron says his institution is willing to swallow for veterans…

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Some graduate students at Florida State University say they’re being exploited because the university’s healthcare coverage for teaching and research assistants fails to adequately cover their costs. The group has been in negotiations with FSU since May over just how much their healthcare stipend should be.

Florida State University officials want to use a new designation to help the school increase its profile. FSU and the University of Florida are so-called “preeminent” schools, making them eligible for more state funding.

FSU President Eric Barron told the state university oversight board Wednesday that he wants to use the money to hire high-profile faculty members in the areas of science and technology.

Florida State University and the University of Florida can now add another distinction to the list.

The Florida Board of Governors approved the “preeminent university” status for FSU and UF in an unanimous vote Monday. Along with millions more in state funding for both schools, the University of Florida will be able to establish a program offering 4-year degrees entirely online.

Florida State University

Florida State University football player Gregory Dent is facing up to 15 years in prison after being charged with rape over the weekend.  Dent was released Monday on $15 thousand dollars bail.

According to court documents, the victim and Dent have been friends since high school. Saturday, she, Dent, and others went to a nightclub.  When they returned to Dent’s apartment, the victim says she fell asleep on Dent’s bed.

She then alleges she awoke to Dent kissing her, and tried to push him away.  But the victim alleges he continued trying to force himself upon her.

Florida State University is planning to increase its tuition rates. FSU Trustees approved the hikes despite dissenting votes from four members of the board including the student body president.

FSU Trustees approved an overall 1.7 percent cost of living increase that’s mandated in state law. FSU plans to use half of the money generated from the increase for financial aid. President Eric Barron says using the money for need based aid follows the spirit of the legislature’s tuition increase.