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Evacuating with companion pets can bring added challenges to hurricane season, particularly for elderly adults. Many seniors struggle to find pet-friendly shelters when it comes time to leave for safety.

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June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month, and state officials want Florida’s seniors to be aware of common scams to avoid.

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A slate of changes to Florida’s guardianship law is heading to the governor’s desk. The updates legislators want are meant to protect some of the state’s most vulnerable residents, but critics worry they're missing the mark.

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Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Graham is touting new legislation aimed at protecting seniors.  Graham is hoping to notch a legislative win before her term ends.

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Florida cracks down on elder abuse. 

It's one of eight states that requires all people to report elder abuse if they suspect it. Failure to do so is a second-degree misdemeanor.

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With the cost of groceries steadily climbing, some Leon County seniors are finding themselves unable to keep up.  Elder Care Services in Tallahassee maintains a food pantry to help out in emergencies, but even that is stretching thin.

Elder Care Services is a private non-profit in Tallahassee offering assistance like the Meals on Wheels program for local seniors.  Senior Solutions Specialist Ed Gines  says the group also operates an emergency food pantry providing groceries for seniors in need.

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Advocates for senior citizens are joining with several state lawmakers in urging Congress to restore funding to an Affordable Housing program for the elderly. They say the lack of federal funds comes at a time when the senior population in Florida continues to grow and thousands of low-income seniors are still on waiting lists for low-cost housing.

“Every 8 seconds, we have someone turning 65. We have a crisis that is approaching us, like a train approaching a tunnel and you see a headlight. We need to wake up. We need to do something about it,” said Tony Fransetta.

A Florida lawmaker is hoping to persuade others in the Florida Legislature to reject any attempts to bolster a market that targets life insurance policies for older Floridians.  A group of advocates for seniors and veterans are also spreading the word about making sure consumer protections remain in place against what’s called the “STOLI market.”

Republicans are cheering the selection of Congressman Paul Ryan as Presumptive GOP Nominee Mitt Romney’s running mate. The move has also sparked a heated debate over the future of the nation’s Medicare program for seniors. Ryan is the architect of a budget proposal that includes those program cuts and Romney has said he supports the Ryan approach. Democrats say the Republican stance on Medicare could help President Obama in swing states.