Florida public schools

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An organization that deals a lot with human trafficked kids says it’s important to go into the schools and educate potential victims early about traffickers.

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A bill aimed at teaching Florida students about the dangers of human trafficking passed its first Senate panel Monday.

Sen. Dennis Baxley (R-Ocala)
Florida House of Representatives

Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed off on a controversial measure offering additional protections for religious expression in schools.

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A bill requiring Florida schools to teach about the dangers of human trafficking is starting to advance in the Senate.

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A state lawmaker wants Florida schools to include the dangers of human trafficking in their health education curriculum. That's on top of other statewide efforts to help fight the modern day slavery practice.

Teachers Call Foul On State Education Policy

Jan 14, 2016
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With lawmakers in town for Session, many groups pick up the mic to air their grievances. The cries of teachers filled the Capitol Courtyard Thursday.

Lawmakers Want More SROs In Public Schools

Jan 8, 2016
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Two Democratic lawmakers have plans to expand law enforcement in public schools.

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  Florida’s public schools could get a break on the fines they pay to the state. A bill in the Senate would give schools more flexibility when it comes to the number of kids who can be in a classroom.

A state lawmaker is trying to improve the situation by recalculating how penalties are assessed. The bill would determine average enrollment by using entire schools for averages rather than individual classrooms. This could lessen the burden School Board Chairman Gary Chartrand says is unduly placed on schools.