Florida High School Athletic Association

Beach Volleyball Headed To High Schools

Apr 21, 2016
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Beach volleyball is heading to the high school sports arena.

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A Bay County advocate is calling attention to the health risks of football.

Athletic Groups Throw Flag At FHSAA Overhaul

Apr 18, 2013

A bill is making its way through both the House and Senate revising and altering the way the Florida High School Athletic Association regulates student athlete’s eligibility and conducts investigations.  Portions of the bill allows students to, in some cases, maintain athletic eligibility even after transfering schools. Roger Dearing, Executive Director of the FHSAA, said the measure will tear down the barriers that protect student athletes from recruiting by dishonest coaches.

Bills in the Florida Legislature would limit the scope and power of the organization that regulates high school athletes, with supporters calling them a victory for student rights. But the regulatory group, the Florida High School Athletic Association, is saying the measures could pave the way for unfairness on the field and reduced quality of tournaments.