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The Florida Chamber of Commerce’s Chief Economist says there’s a low chance of a recession this year. However, that doesn’t mean it will be smooth sailing.

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Analysts say chances are increasing that Florida will enter a recession soon.

“Currently, Florida’s probability of being in a recession in the next 9 months is 34.2%,” says Florida Chamber Foundation Chief Economist Jerry Parrish.

The number is from The Florida Scorecard, the chamber foundation’s online tool that identifies and tracks key metrics important to Florida’s economy.

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The major party presidential candidates are offering two starkly different courses for the country ahead of Election Day.  The contrast is particularly acute in their economic plans.

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Florida’s unemployment rate keeps improving but new results from the Sunshine State Survey suggest the vast majority of Florida households are still concerned about money.

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Enterprise Florida held a Board of Directors meeting to discuss ongoing and developing issues in the Florida economy.

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Films like “Magic Mike” and “Edward Scissorhands” were filmed in Florida. Due the states struggle to compete with other state incentives Florida lawmakers make an effort to revise the state’s tax credits for film productions in Florida.

The Sunshine State is featured in popular movies such as “2 Fast 2 Furious” and “Dolphin Tale” parts one and two. With four consecutive years of record-breaking tourism, films in Florida play a big part of the state’s economy.

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Florida’s unemployment rate has dropped by a tenth of a percent since October. But some question if the downward trend in the unemployment rate will continue.

At 6 percent, unemployment is the lowest it’s been since June of 2008. Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Director Jesse Panuccio says he thinks the state’s economic policies are encouraging business owners to open up more jobs. 

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By most economic measures, the state of Florida isn’t expected to return to normal for at least another couple of years following the Great Recession. That’s the outlook the state’s chief economist delivered to the Legislative Budget Commission today.

After falling steadily, Florida’s unemployment rate has stagnated at around 6 percent recently. That’s in line with the national rate. And the Legislature’s chief economist, Amy Baker, says there’s a good reason the unemployment rate hasn’t continued falling.

Fla. Ranks Fourth in U.S. in Economic Insecurity

Jun 22, 2012

Florida is among the most economically insecure states in the nation. A new study shows Florida ranking fourth behind three other Southern states in the number of residents experiencing sudden and dramatic income loss.