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A classroom of empty desks

With a new law in place, Florida officials are still working to implement a lot of its components to ensuring the safety of Florida’s schools to avoid tragedies like the mass school shooting in Parkland.

Shawn Mulcahy / WFSU

Educators from across Florida are aiming to make schools safer in the wake of last week’s Parkland shooting. The Florida Department of Education hosted a roundtable Thursday to prevent future school massacres.

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Florida’s graduating highschoolers aren’t as prepared for college as their peers around the nation, according to college admissions test results released Wednesday. But, the downward trend isn’t unique to Florida.

A perfect score on the American College Test, or ACT, is a 36.  Last year, Florida students averaged a 19.6 -- lower than the national average of close about 21. But, the Florida Department of Education’s policy expert Jane Fletcher pointed out the state’s scores usually trend lower because more kids take the test in Florida than do nationally.