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Lawmakers and gun rights advocates are squabbling over who should have control of Florida’s concealed weapons permits. Internal reports from the Agriculture Department and an official review have highlighted problems with the current system. 

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Recent media reports detailing mistakes by Florida’s Department of Agriculture in issuing firearm permits have some advocacy organizations calling for further investigation. The League of Women Voters is asking Attorney General Pam Bondi to conduct the probe.

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Wakulla County’s commercial fishermen say they want to cooperate with local oyster farmers, within limits. The announcement comes when tensions are escalating between the groups, after vandals tampered with aquaculture equipment in the area.

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Vandals tampered with oyster aquaculture equipment in Wakulla County this weekend, which investigators say is a felony offense. WFSU spoke with one of the farmers, who says the incident is derailing this year’s crop.

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County and state officials are investigating reports of vandalism at North Florida oyster farms. According to the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office, navigational markers were tampered with at oyster aquaculture operations in Skipper Bay. 

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Governor Rick Scott is declaring a state of emergency as more than a hundred wildfires flare across the state. With drought conditions spreading and more hot weather ahead, there’s little indication the blazes will slow down.

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State lawmakers want to cut fees for the manufacturers of harmful pesticides. That could make it cheaper for chemical companies to sell their products in the state. But a critic of the measure is worried how the change could affect farmworkers’ health.

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Florida’s spiny lobster season will close next Saturday.

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State officials are warning Floridians about scams during tax season.

Remembering the "Boy Wonder" of Florida Politics

Jan 31, 2017
Florida Memory Blog

Doyle Conner came to be known as “the boy wonder of Florida politics.” In 1950, he was elected to the Florida House of Representatives at the age of 20 while a sophomore at the University of Florida and remains the youngest person ever elected to the Florida Legislature.


During the time of a disaster, the state usually sees a spike in charitable giving. But, Florida officials are asking people to be mindful of charity-related scams, in the aftermath of Hurricane Hermine. 


With school starting, Florida Agriculture officials are hoping parents and students will have an easier way to find out about school meals ahead of time. Officials are encouraging them to download the meal apps—specific to their school district.

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Laurel wilt has destroyed thousands of avocado trees in most counties across the state. While the deadly disease has not yet made it to several Panhandle counties, experts say it’s only a matter of time.

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In an effort to protect rural lands from development the Florida Department of Agriculture is investing $35-million in its Rural and Family Lands Protection Program.

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Graduation rates in Florida’s Big Bend are up—with Gadsden and Jefferson Counties posting double-digit increases in the number of kids earning diplomas.

State Ag Department Announces Energy Summit

Sep 28, 2015

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce will hold an Energy Summit in October. The organizations are trying to come up with plans to diversify the state’s energy sector. 

Fruits and Veggies at a farmer's market
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Rep. Reggie Fullwood (D-Jacksonville) wants to increase Floridians’ access to fresh fruits and vegetables. He’s pushing a bill that would help those receiving food stamps spend that assistance money at farmers markets.

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The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has already processed thousands of concealed weapon license applications for active military members and veterans.

Fruits and Veggies at a farmer's market
Natalie Maynor

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam has declared an agricultural state of emergency after scientists detected more than 158 oriental fruit flies in South Florida. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services spokeswoman, Jenn Meale says the infestation is a serious concern for the industry.


With the first day of school right around the corner, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam wants more parents and students to take advantage of a Back-to-School app.

Governor Rick Scott's office

Building on a recent Executive Order from Governor Rick Scott, the Florida Department of Agriculture is taking steps to protect members of the military and veterans. The state’s concealed weapons permit applications process for people in those categories will now be sped up.

Walton County Tax Collector's office

There’s now another option for local residents to apply for a concealed weapons permit. A branch of the Walton County Tax Collector’s office is the latest to participate in a new partnership with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to speed up the process.


With Hurricane season underway, Florida officials are warning residents about scams that tend to blow through the state along with the storms.

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There’s less than a week left for Florida growers to remain eligible for crop insurance. It’s especially important for other classes of growers who can now qualify.

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State agriculture officials are hoping to assist North and Central Florida landowners in preventing timber loss through a program meant to reduce the risk of a devastating forest insect.