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The 2019 Legislative Session has wrapped, and advocacy group Florida Conservation Voters is weighing in on the highlights — and lowlights — of the past two months. Ryan Dailey spoke with FCV Deputy Director Jonathan Webber about the budget and some other big-ticket items that have him concerned.

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Last year, a judge ruled the Florida legislature ran afoul of a constitutional amendment directing a certain amount of money be set aside for environmental spending. It seemed like a victory for environmentalists.  the amendment’s backers have filed a brief in an appeal of the case, saying the judge may have overstepped.

Florida Conservation Voters Facebook

Legislative advocacy group Florida Conservation Voters is asking new leadership in the State Capitol for a joint select committee on climate change.

Environmentalists say the latest peer-reviewed study by the group Science for Nature and People Partnership, underscores the need in Florida for a statewide ban on hydraulic fracturing.

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Amendment 1 opponents descended on the Leon County Courthouse and government buildings across Florida while Florida Supreme Court justices weighed an extraordinary, last-minute demand to pull the plug.

A grass-roots only political strategy appears to be working as supporters await the fate of Amendment 4, the Florida Legislature’s tax-cutting plan for promoting solar energy.