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Florida universities don’t always have the resources to help students with mental illnesses. Addressing mental health issues is a serious problem faced by institutions. They are expected to play a central role in identifying symptoms and helping individuals succeed. WFSU spoke to a student who feels her university offered support during a difficult time. 

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Florida university graduates continue to post stellar employment figures, despite a sluggish recovery.

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Florida’s public university system is developing a program to address a shortage in nurses. The American Academy of Nursing has projected a shortfall extending through 2030.

FAMU President Elmira Mangum (green) and Provost Marcella David (orange) address the Florida Board of Governors. (6/22/16)
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Florida A&M University is in line to get more than $25.5 million in performance funding. That’s due to making progress on the state’s university report card.

Mori Hosseini, the former chairman of Florida's public university governing board, is moving on to the University of Florida. Hosseini has been appointed to UF's Board of Trustees by Governor Rick Scott.

Florida Board of Governors

Florida A&M University is out of the bottom spot this year, climbing to number eight under Florida’s performance-based funding system.

The program doles out additional funding to schools based upon how they perform in a range of metrics, such as graduation rate, student loan debt, and number of graduates in science and technology-based degree programs.

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The number of degrees produced by the state’s 12 public universities is slowing and the data is sending mixed signals about the state of the economy and higher education in Florida.

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The Florida Board of Governors plans to take a harder look at whether schools are earning their bonuses.

Florida offers its public universities a choice: improve areas such as graduation rates and job placement or lose funding. And the State University System’s Board of Governors wants to ensure the schools are providing accurate information before funding decisions are made.

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Florida’s system oversight board has confirmed state Senator John Thrasher as Florida State University’s new president. But his appointment to head the second-largest public university in Florida still isn’t without controversy.

About 50 students are standing on the steps of the Westcott Building, protesting among other things,  John Thrasher’s confirmation as FSU’s new President.

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Florida’s public universities will risk more money this year in an effort to convince Florida lawmakers to give them additional funds. The state university system governing board wants the legislature to increase the public university budget by more than $200 million,  half of which would be awarded based on individual schools’ performance.


The Florida Board of Governors is weighing how national rankings should impact the state’s public universities. When it comes to evaluating schools, the board agrees metrics should matter, but how much?

Florida’s state university system governing board wants the public universities to climb in the national rankings. But which one? Several groups rank schools. U.S. News and World Report is the most popular,  but there’s also Newsweek, and Kiplinger. The Princeton Review. And none of the outlets ranks the schools the same way. s

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Florida A&M and Florida State University are trying to produce more graduates in Computer Engineering and IT Services. To do that, they’re about to spend a $3 million state-issued grant. But the project comes at a time when the fate of another joint-partnership between the  institutions remains uncertain.

FSU Presidential Search Committee Approves New Timeline

Jun 20, 2014

The Florida State University Presidential Search Advisory Committee is taking steps to refine its search process. The committee held its first meeting Friday with new search firm Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates.

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Baccalaureate degree programs at Florida’s community colleges are under examination this year. The schools have been allowed to create advanced programs they say are aimed at meeting local workforce needs. But some lawmakers believe the schools have gone overboard.

Florida State Senator Bill Galvano (R-Bradenton) has introduced a proposal that would take the approval of community college baccalaureate degrees away from the state board of education—and give it to the Legislature.

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This year Florida’s colleges are trying to get in on the state’s performance funding scheme for higher education.

The colleges want Florida lawmakers to award them additional funds based upon how well they do in terms of graduation rates and other metrics: similar to how universities now get extra dollars. Florida College System Chancellor Randy Hanna says what the colleges will be evaluated on is still under consideration:

Florida’s universities will be further pitted against one another under a revised funding model approved by the state university governing board.

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The Florida Board of Governors has officially designated Marshall Criser to head the state’s public university system. Criser’s appointment comes after a committee of the board recommended him for the job last week.

“One candidate rose to the top as the person who could best be able to articulate this board’s priorities and understand the specific challenges the system faces. That person is Marshall Criser," said Board member Mori Housseini, who oversaw the search process.

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The president of AT&T Florida has been tapped to head Florida’s public university system.

In addition to being president of AT&T Florida, Criser also sits on the University of Florida’s Board of Trustees and serves on a council made up of public and private universities and community and state colleges.  During an interview with the Florida Board of Governors search committee, Criser said he is ready for the job:

Florida’s state university system could soon be getting a new leader.

There were 19 candidates, six of whom made it to the committee charged with whittling down the list. Of those, four—including AT&T Florida President Marshall Criser, will be interviewed next week for the state’s top higher education job. Board of Governor’s member Mori Housseini:

“We had an impressive applicant pool. I want to ask our committee, are we good with these four? Marshall Criser, Mark Drummond, Jim Purcell and Bruce Rafert  to be the first four that we would interview?"

The board overseeing Florida’s public universities doled out $20 million in extra funding to the schools Thursday.  The legislature allocated the money as additional performance-based funding, but some university officials say three performance measures used to allocate those dollars, don’t go far enough.

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The chancellor of Florida’s state university system is leaving the Sunshine State for the Keystone State. 

Frank Brogan says his decision to head Pennsylvania’s higher education system comes because his contract is soon up in Florida, and so is his time in the state’s retirement system.

In a conference call with reporters Wednesday, Brogan called his departure "bittersweet".

Florida’s public university governing board has okayed tuition hikes and rejected fee increases. The move comes after weeks of lobbying by Governor Rick Scott to keep costs down.

Included in most state university budgets is a 1.7 percent tuition increase. That was written into the state budget by Florida lawmakers and was put into motion after Governor Rick Scott vetoed a larger, three-percent tuition hike.  

Florida’s newest public university wants to admit its first class by August 2014.  The school made its case before the Florida Board of Governors Wednesday.

Florida Polytechnic University is not eligible for federal financial aid until it’s accredited. That’s not set to happen until 2016. Board of Governors members like Chairman Dean Colson question whether the school can recruit the 500 students it wants for its inaugural class, and retain them.

Florida State University officials want to use a new designation to help the school increase its profile. FSU and the University of Florida are so-called “preeminent” schools, making them eligible for more state funding.

FSU President Eric Barron told the state university oversight board Wednesday that he wants to use the money to hire high-profile faculty members in the areas of science and technology.

Florida’s two main education boards are meeting this week. The agendas include a progress report on new learning standards and the approval of new degree programs at the state’s public universities.

The State Board of Education and the Board of Governors will hold meetings throughout the week. The Board of Education oversees public k-12 schools and community and state colleges while the board of governors oversees Florida’s public universities.