Florida AARP

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A slate of changes to Florida’s guardianship law is heading to the governor’s desk. The updates legislators want are meant to protect some of the state’s most vulnerable residents, but critics worry they're missing the mark.

Ashley Tressel

Tallahassee is struggling with affordable housing, according to current officers like Mayor Andrew Gillum and others. And that's affecting the City’s efforts to attract two highly sought-after groups of people: retirees and young professionals.

Center for Advanced Research and Teaching

The AARP is joining a lawsuit against Florida, Power, and Light’s plan to invest in a drilling project in Oklahoma.

Florida Channel

A bill aimed at using technological devices to help track missing people with special needs and dementia-related issues is moving through both chambers of the Florida Legislature.

A years-long effort to revamp the rules for nursing home lawsuits is now before the Governor to sign, veto or let become law without his signature.  The proposal marks a compromise among varying groups that don’t normally agree on litigation issues.