Tomato plants
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Florida farmers are struggling to compete with cheaper, foreign imports from countries such as Mexico. Farmers worry unfair trade practices endanger the state's agriculture industry.

A bucket filled with blueberries.
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The latest round of tariffs levied by the Trump Administration is taking a toll on the nation’s agriculture industry. In Florida, the tariffs threaten a trade deal that’s been years in the making. 

This is a busy week for the region's small farms. They're part of a yearly outreach intended to connect more local folks with homegrown food products.

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A survey by the Food Marketing Institute says the U.S. sees an 18 percent increase in consumers choosing to purchase meat locally rather than from a supermarket. North Florida farms and butcher shops take thoughtful preparation and service when it comes to distributing meat in the local community. 

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To kick off her North Florida Farm Tour, Congresswoman Gwen Graham is delving into the experiences of modern farmers.