Election 2016

Sarah Mueller / WFSU

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson discussed the controversy over last month's election and the next administration.

Jimbo Jackson
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After more than 20 years, Leon County’s Second District has a new commissioner.  Jimbo Jackson will take the seat vacated by outgoing commissioner Jane Sauls.

NSF: Half Of Florida Voters Have Cast Ballots

Nov 8, 2016
Drivers are greeted by campaign sign wavers in Killearn on Election Day 11/8/16.
David Mullins / WFSU News

As polls opened across the state Tuesday, more than half of eligible Florida voters had already cast ballots. About 6.51 million people went to early-voting locations or had cast mail-in ballots, according to numbers posted online Tuesday morning by the state Division of Elections. Florida has about 12.86 million registered voters for the general election.

Tao Valentine, Rhonda Rolle, Tom Kirkpatrick and "Elivis" wave to passing cars in front of the Historic Capitol building in Tallahassee. 11/08/16.
LHatter / WFSU News

The clock is winding down on Election Day for one of the most partisan and divisive presidential races in recent memory. But a handful of sign wavers with different political leanings are united in one place. Florida’s historic capitol building.  

Catherine Buckler

The presidential candidates and their surrogates made last minute swings through Florida Monday. Vice President Joe Biden spoke at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University early Monday afternoon and stressed the importance of getting out to vote during Election Day.

When voters head to the polls Tuesday they’ll check in, get their ballots and proceed to vote. And watching the whole time will be monitors called poll watchers. They usually sit silently by on the lookout for any problems. This election cycle, they’ve gotten more attention than ever before. But as poll watchers watch the polls, who is watching the watchers?

Libertarian Party Website

The Libertarian Party is in Orlando this weekend, deciding who will get its nod for Presidential nominee. And this year, the convention has bigger implications for the general election than it has in other cycles.

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In Florida, the race for Republican delegates is under way. In the case of an open or contested convention, delegates could play a significant role.

Kate Payne/ WFSU

In preparation for the Republican convention, North Florida party officials have selected their delegates.

Florida Channel

Baker Republican Senator Greg Evers has filed to run for congress.

Carlos Beruff Campaign Webpage

Carlos Beruff, a millionaire developer from Southwest Florida who is running to replace U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, made a brief – and unexpected – campaign stop in Tallahassee Monday.

Chelsea Clinton speaks to supporters of her mother, Hilary Clinton, during a campaign stop in Tallahassee.
Jim Ash / Hilary Clinton,

Born into a governor’s mansion, Chelsea Clinton spent part of her formative years in the White House. In 2008, she was sent to college campuses for the first time to stump for her mother. On Friday, a more mature Chelsea Clinton was in Tallahassee playing campaign surrogate again, but this time to a different target audience.