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As the stock market plummets amid coronavirus fears, retirement accounts have also plunged.

Certified Financial Planner Terri Jackson has seen 30 years of economic roller coasters. As president of Jackson Financial Group in Tallahassee, she’s handling many clients who want to buy into the market now that stocks are available at deep discounts.

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The Florida Chamber of Commerce’s Chief Economist says there’s a low chance of a recession this year. However, that doesn’t mean it will be smooth sailing.

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October is a busy month for the city of Tallahassee and local businesses. Florida State and Florida A&M University’s Homecoming weeks are two main reasons why. Although FAMU’s Homecoming has recently passed, the season is not over as FSU’s Homecoming is here. 

Tallahassee Economic Index

After a strong start to the year, local economic growth has hit a snag in key sectors, according to the Tallahassee Economic Index.

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Florida is $21 billion in debt.

State leaders were actually happy to hear that number at the most recent Florida Cabinet meeting.

The amount of money owed on initiatives like transportation and environmental projects has fallen in recent years, bolstered in part by low interest rates and the economy.

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Seminole County is the first US government agency to accept cryptocurrency as payment for county services. And according to a study, Tampa and Miami are ranked in the top 10 bitcoin-friendly cities in the world. With cryptocurrency usage growing,  Florida’s Chief Financial Officer plans to regulate the industry.

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In the last year, employment in Leon County has risen 2%, while the average weekly wage has increased by 4%. Leon County has seen significant fiscal improvements over the last twelve years. via flickr /

North Florida’s lower-income residents can get free help with their taxes this spring. Eligible individuals and families making $54,000 a year or less can sign up for an appointment now.