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domi station
Lydell Rawls

When it comes to awards, people who start and grow their own businesses are often overlooked. A Tallahassee new business incubator now aims to change that.

The Hucksters Mobile Market delivery truck
Jesse Taylor / Domi Station/ Hucksters Mobile Market

At the end of this month, Tallahassee will officially celebrate the winning of a national championship that isn’t connected with collegiate athletics. It’s the victory of the DOMI Station incubator team in a competition to use hi-tech methods to solve a pressing community problem.

New Hotel Opening in City's Hot Hub

Mar 21, 2018
Tom Flanigan

The exploding development along and near Tallahassee’s Gaines Street corridor isn’t limited to student rentals. A shiny new hotel will soon open a block away on Railroad Avenue.

While Tallahassee’s power is rapidly coming back on, there still may be some small business owners and entrepreneurs who need a temporary operation space. So DOMI Station off Railroad Avenue is ready to help.

The Rise Of Tallahassee's Entrepreneurial Scene

Aug 21, 2017
Tallahassee Skyline

From Elon Musk’s SpaceX, to the simple photo sharing app Snapchat, entrepreneurs seem to be making headlines across the nation. Silicon Valley and New York City are two of the best-known hubs for blossoming companies.

Tallahassee Tech-Hire Initiative

Tallahassee has a new partnership to bring more workers into well-paying high-tech jobs. The newly launched I/O Avenue Code Academy will involve Florida A&M University, DOMI Station and the Mayor’s Office.

Tom Flanigan

Dozens of Tallahassee start-up businesses are being born at various incubators around town. But what happens to those businesses when they leave the incubator and strike out on their own for the first time?

Kate Payne

Local business and technology leaders are trying to improve workplace environments for the next generation of women.

Aryanna Duhl

Business incubators and co-working spaces are popping up all over the country, and in Tallahassee, Domi Station just celebrated its two year anniversary. But how are these efforts to grow local businesses impacting Tallahassee’s economy? 

Ashley Tressel

Tallahassee is struggling with affordable housing, according to current officers like Mayor Andrew Gillum and others. And that's affecting the City’s efforts to attract two highly sought-after groups of people: retirees and young professionals.

Ashley Tressel

Tallahassee could be the site of a new community improvement project. 

Tallahassee Seeing Major Growth Spurt

Jan 28, 2016
Tom Flanigan

Florida’s Capital City is entering what could be one of the biggest growth spurts in modern history. That fact carries both challenges and opportunities for the area’s private and public sectors. The news came at Wednesday morning’s (1/27) economic forecast breakfast meeting hosted by the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce.

Tom Flanigan

A long-abandoned gas station in South Tallahassee is in line for a rebirth as a dynamic group of young professionals has joined forces to make it happen.

One local entrepreneur presenting a startup business at Domi Station
By Andrew J. Mitchell, Jr.

Domi Station and several partners are set to host the first ever Startup Week in Tallahassee.