Department of Economic Opportunity

Many Leon County businesses say they’d hire more local people if those prospective employees had the right skills. Now a new kind of workforce development program is getting underway to make more people ready for those jobs.

Nick Evans

There’s $85 million burning a hole in Florida Governor Rick Scott’s pocket and he’s looking for projects to spend it on.  The new Job Growth Grant Fund was part of a last minute budget compromise.

Four Star Freightliner President Jerry Kocan at the worksite of his new location.
Nick Evans

The Florida House wants to eliminate Enterprise Florida, an agency responsible for recruiting businesses to the state.  But some worry the House’s crusade against one agency could hamper broader economic efforts.

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A philosophical debate is taking shape in the Florida Capitol about what role the government should play in the economy. How lawmakers come down on economic development programs could have real consequences for Governor Rick Scott’s top priorities.

Governor Rick Scott is touting the latest figures showing 23 thousand new jobs created last month. The September unemployment rate remained unchanged at 4.7 percent, the lowest since 2007.

Governor Rick Scott is making short-term, interest-free loans available to small businesses impacted by Hurricane Hermine.