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Leon County commissioners are looking into a plan to give people more leniency when they’re caught with small amounts of marijuana. The commission will take up a draft civil citation ordinance during its meeting Tuesday afternoon.

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A new Florida law took effect Sunday requiring the creation of civil citation programs across the state.

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The Leon County Commission wants to hold a public workshop on the uptick of local crime later this fall. The announcement comes after the capital county logged the highest crime rate in the state for the third year running. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement analysis shows the bump is largely due to an increase in property theft. Commissioner John Dailey wants to understand the trend and reverse it.

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A top priority of Florida’s Senate President is now ready for a floor vote. But after some political maneuvering, the bill also contains a controversial amendment targeting the state Supreme Court. The change could challenge lawmakers’ loyalties.

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The head of Florida’s juvenile justice system is weighing in on how a bill aimed at decriminalizing adolescence will affect her agency.

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Thursday the US Drug Enforcement Agency decided to not loosen prohibitions against marijuana, even as the public pushes for legalization. But candidates for Leon County Sheriff say law enforcement should lighten up on non-violent drug offenders.

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After blocking attempts to relax marijuana ordinances, the Leon County Commission will discuss diversion programs for minor offenses.

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A bill that would give juveniles more leniency passed its second Senate committee Wednesday. But law enforcement officials don’t want it to pass.

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27 bills are slated to take effect Thursday. They include new laws aimed at helping people with diabetes and delinquent juveniles.

More police officers are choosing to issue civil citations to juveniles instead of arresting them, and increasing the practice by 25 percent could save taxpayers as much as $62 million. That’s the conclusion of an exhaustive study released Wednesday by child advocates.

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Governor Rick Scott signed more than 40 bills into law Thursday. It includes a measure expanding Florida’s civil citation program.