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Capital Report: 04-27-2015

Apr 27, 2015

As the legislature enters its final week in Tallahassee, the regular session is beginning to come into focus.  At this point, Nick Evans reports, lawmakers have a pretty good idea of what’s passing and what will have to wait until next year.

Governor Rick Scott will have to decide soon whether he wants to give his Department of Economic Opportunity more power to green light planned communities, shopping malls and other large construction projects. As Jim Ash reports, environmentalists spent much of the session fighting the attempt by conservative Republicans.

Capital Report: 04-24-2015

Apr 24, 2015

After much hand-wringing, mud-slinging and finger-pointing, there’s a new development in the delicate budgetary ballet now playing out in the Florida Legislature.  Lynn Hatter brings us the latest.

A controversial abortion bill is now headed to the Governor, after receiving final passage from the Florida Senate Friday. Sascha Cordner reports.

A feud between the Department of Juvenile Justice and several Florida counties has been going on for years, but as Matthew Seeger reports, a Judge’s ruling gives the counties’ side with hope for a resolution.

Capital Report: 04-23-2015

Apr 23, 2015

The train has started rolling in the House with several technical maneuvers creating massive new bills. One of the so-called train bills that emerged Thursday combines a popular plan dubbed, “public school choice” with several other measures aimed at charter schools. Lynn Hatter reports.

Florida lawmakers passed a series of bills affecting law enforcement agencies this week, and at least one is headed to the Governor’s desk for approval. Sascha Cordner reports.

Capital Report: 04-22-2015

Apr 22, 2015

The House GOP met behind closed doors Tuesday to discuss their strategy regarding a possible expansion of Medicaid.  Nick Evans reports the move has raised the ire of the Democrats and open government advocates, but it seems there’s very little that can be done.

Could Florida could soon be looking a lot like the federal government did in 2013—when it shut down due to budget conflicts. That’s a scenario state lawmakers are looking to avoid, but as Lynn Hatter reports—the state may not have a budget in place before the start of the July 1ST fiscal year.

Capital Report: 04-21-2015

Apr 21, 2015

Florida may not have a budget in place before the start of the next fiscal year—something that has not occurred in more than two decades. Furthermore, at least one major hospital in the state says it’s running out of money and can soon close, if lawmakers can’t come to an agreement on healthcare funding.

A gaming reform bill is moving one space forward in the House. Regan McCarthy reports the measure, which once included plans for two destination resort casinos, is now largely focused on reducing greyhound racing.