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Since 1975 Florida Public Radio has produced and distributed state governmental and legislative news and information programs, news stories and special statewide coverage to public radio stations in Florida. During Legislative Session the weekly program, Capital Report is produced and distributed each weekday to all public radio stations across the state. WFSU/Florida Public Radio reporters bring you timely news and information whether it's legislative maneuvers between legislative sessions, the economy, environmental issues, tourism, business or the arts.

Capital Report

Feb 20, 2013

Capital Report is the longest-lived, most comprehensive radio coverage of the Florida Legislature in existence.

Life in today’s America is next to impossible without a high school diploma. But it’s estimated that more than a million young people a year in the United States fail to reach that goal.  Many say the United States has a dropout problem, so how does Florida fare?

Tune in to Capital Report as education producer Lynn Hatter explores  Florida’s dropout issues  and takes a look at the challenges students face on the road toward graduation.