Capital City crime

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The crime rate in Tallahassee during 2018 dropped by more than 7% compared to the year prior, according to the Annual Uniform Crime Report.

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A gunman opened fire at a hot yoga studio on Thomasville Road Friday evening. Police say the man, whose identity they have not yet released, shot six people and pistol whipped another. Of the six shot, two later died at a local hospital. Police say the gunman died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, bringing the death toll to three total.

The shooting took place just after 5:30 in the afternoon at Hot Yoga Tallahassee. Tallahassee Police Department is still investigating whether there is a connection between the gunman and any of the victims.

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The Tallahassee Police Department has recovered several allegedly stolen valuable, including firearms, credit cards and electronics. Officers said they’re tracking down the owners and hope to reunite them with their belongings.

Responding to a rash of recent street crime, dozens of volunteers, including some top City of Tallahassee officials, were hitting the streets themselves Saturday night (6/6/15).  Some of the area's residents weren't shy about sharing their concerns.

On South Meridian, a man who called himself "Captain Kirk" said he knew where the real problem lay.

“You start at the Leon County Courthouse,” he said.  “And if you don’t address that problem there, you’ll never solve the problem out here.”