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Florida’s Emergency Response Team is collaborating with the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association to gauge how hotels could help with the state’s response to the coronavirus. The organizations are polling hotels owners to find out whether they would be willing to house first responders and people wishing to self-quarantine. Officials are also looking into the option of asking hotels to open up beds for Covid-19 patients should a shortage arise in hospitals.

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Tallahassee and Leon County’s intergovernmental agency Blueprint 2000 has approved a local stimulus package for small businesses.

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Tallahassee and Leon County’s intergovernmental agency, Blueprint 2000, is holding a meeting Wednesday afternoon at 1 p.m. to discuss how local government can help small businesses amid closures brought on by COVID-19. Restaurants, bars and gyms are among the establishments that have been either severely restricted, in the case of restaurants to takeout or delivery only, or outright closing.

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As the stock market plummets amid coronavirus fears, retirement accounts have also plunged.

Certified Financial Planner Terri Jackson has seen 30 years of economic roller coasters. As president of Jackson Financial Group in Tallahassee, she’s handling many clients who want to buy into the market now that stocks are available at deep discounts.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented demands for help on virtually every government service in Florida. At the top of the list is the state unemployment assistance program, which is widely regarded as one of the stingiest of any state. 

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Local farmers are struggling to cope with changes brought on by Covid-19. For some, business is booming, but for others, the outbreak is a nightmare.

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Over the weekend Tallahassee residents participated in Rally for Tally, a campaign to support curbside pickup at local restaurants during the coronavirus pandemic. Restaurants have been one of the harder hit industries. 

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Residents and tourists are searching for alternatives after Bay County shutters its beaches. The move follows similar closures up and down Florida's nearly 1,400 miles of coastline.

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Small businesses in Tallahassee are already facing financial impacts from efforts taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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Governor Ron DeSantis issued an executive order Tuesday closing bars and nightclubs statewide for 30 days. WFSU spoke with one bar owner who’s grappling with the uncertainty of her employees’ livelihoods.

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Controversial legislation mandating public employers use E-Verify, with a carve-out for private employers to use other means of verifying employee’s citizenship status, has passed the Florida legislature. After numerous changes, the measure is a far cry from what some GOP backers wanted.

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For the first time in more than a decade, the Florida Legislature will not take money away from an affordable housing trust fund. This comes as the state faces what some call an affordable housing crisis.

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The South Monroe, or “SOMO” corridor has added another business: Lucky Goat Coffee. The shop's new, South Adams Street location represents a partnership between two coffee connoisseurs: Lucky Goat and Catalina Café.

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A bill that would require public employers to check the immigration status of new hires through E-verify got its first hearing in a House committee Thursday. The issue is a priority of Governor Ron DeSantis but some are questioning why it’s been allowed to languish in the House for so long.

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The Tally Mac Shack got a shout out this week from Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio declared the comfort-food crafters as the U.S. Small Businesses of the week. The business has grown since its creation in 2017. It’s now got multiple locations and about 30 employees in the city.  

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Who’s going to serve as the local arts agency going forward? That’s one of the issues to be discussed at the upcoming Leon County Commission meeting this coming Tuesday. 

Florida is planning a major expansion of its highways with a series of toll roads that would open new parts of the state to development.

Exactly where the roads will go hasn't been announced yet, but opposition to the highways is growing in rural areas such as Jefferson County in North Florida. Mike Willis' family has lived there since before Florida became a state. He likes to refer to it as "the other Florida."

"Most people think of Florida as palm trees, white sandy beaches," he says. "We have rolling clay hills and beautiful pine forests."

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If you’ve ever streamed music or browsed the internet during a road trip in Florida, you might have noticed the service can be spotty. Now lawmakers are looking into a plan to increase broadband access for rural communities.

Sen. Ben Albritton (R-Bartow) lives in a rural area and frequently deals with poor internet service.

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Rep. Michael Grant’s bill allowing the state to usurp local governments on licensing for certain jobs is heading to a vote by the full House. Meanwhile, Democrats in the chamber are taking a fine-tooth comb to the measure.

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Florida lawmakers want to repeal a 113-year old regulation on telegraph companies. Lawmakers say it's long overdue, considering the nation's last official telegraph service closed in 2006.

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Tallahassee is now the home of a brand new, 24-hour television network. The Black News Channel officially launched Monday and could reach millions of households across the nation.

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When a child is born, the first months spent with parents can be crucial for development. A bill in Florida’s House and Senate looks to give parents with a newborn paid time off from work – but not everyone is sold on it.

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When someone dies without a will, their land typically goes to family. It becomes so called “heirs' property.” However, if relatives can’t decide what to do with it, families could wind up in court, and the judge could place the land up for auction. Rep. Loranne Ausley (D-Tallahassee) says often this results in families losing their property. So, she’s backing a bill to give courts a framework when dealing with these cases.

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It’s been seven years since Tallahassee’s College Town broke ground. Since then, the area has become a weekend hangout and game day destination for students and alumni. But nearly a decade later, was the $100 million project worth it?

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Visit Florida is fighting for its existence after last year’s legislative session brought devastating budget cuts to the tourism agency. However, its pleas for survival aren’t swaying one powerful lawmaker- House Speaker Jose Oliva.