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mail-in ballots at the Leon County Supervisors of Elections office wait to go out (2018)
Tom Flanigan

A key elections bill backed by the state’s supervisors heading for final votes. The measure is meant to address issues stemming from the 2018 election but Democrats say it doesn’t do enough.

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A committee bill in the Florida house looking to make sweeping changes to the state’s election laws has cleared a key committee stop. A number of them would modify the state’s vote-by-mail procedure, which sparked a partisan debate about voter access.

President Trump chose Judge Brett Kavanaugh (far left) as his U.S. Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy. But, that decision is causing some mixed feelings.
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders' twitter

President Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court nominee is already causing partisan divides among Republicans and Democrats. That fight is also making its way to the Sunshine State.

A state lawmaker says it should be easier for candidates to get a quick ruling from the Florida Elections Commission when their opponents spread false campaign messages.

Florida voters have been hitting the polls in the last week in the run-up to today’s election. Local and statewide races could be decided this evening, while others head to runoffs in November. And both Democrat and Republican Party heads are hoping for success up and down the ballot.


During the Martin Luther King Weekend, some Florida lawmakers as well as some high profile speakers are expected to kick off a two-day event in the Panhandle Friday.