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A Florida Panhandle man may be one of the first charged under a new law for posting threatening messages on social media.

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An armed man opened fire on police in Panama City Tuesday afternoon, after barricading himself inside an apartment. Law enforcement reported one injury at the scene.

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Governor Rick Scott has appointed a local sheriff to a statewide commission that establishes rules and processes for law enforcement across the state.

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The Bay County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a potential scam involving roof work. Residents should be on the lookout.

Panama City Beach Police are warning tourists to be aware of county ordinances when visiting for Spring Break. 

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An old phone scam is popping back up in the Bay County area.

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Local sheriff’s offices are warning area residents about different phone scams, running rampant in some Florida Panhandle counties.

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A donation drive is underway in Bay County to help the victims of Irma in Central and South Florida. 

Bay County Adds First Ever Drug Recognition Expert

Aug 10, 2017

With medical marijuana legalization coming to fruition in Florida, driving under the influence may become something reaching beyond the realms of alcohol. To counter-act this measure, Bay County Sherriff’s Office has hired its first Drug Recognition Expert, or DRE. 

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The Bay County Sheriff’s office is offering a class for area residents about common scams and how to avoid them.

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It’s that time of year when Spring Breakers from all over the country come to the Florida Panhandle beaches. But, after hundreds of rowdy Spring Breakers caused problems for area communities and law enforcement in years past, several counties cracked down hard and are not anticipating so much of a crowd this time around.

Operation Pill Drop Begins

Oct 17, 2016
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The Bay County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Sheriff’s Association have organized Operation Pill Drop. The project to dispose unused medication beings today.

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The Bay County Sheriff’s office is warning residents about a rampant phone scam.

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There’s a new Bay County sheriff in town. After handing in his resignation last week, the former Sheriff Frank McKeithen decided to retire early.

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A Big Bend Sheriff’s department is holding a special Toy Drive Tuesday to help needy kids.

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Bay County Sheriff’s deputies are warning residents about a scam involving a fictional grant, promising to shell out thousands of dollars in exchange for a few hundred.

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Should Panama City Beach’s Spring Break be considered just the month of March or incorporate more months? It was a matter of contention during Tuesday's Council meeting.

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The Florida Sheriffs Task Force is hailing “Operation Dry Spring” as a success.  The month-long operation cracked down on the sale of alcohol and synthetic drugs to underage kids in about half of the state’s counties.

A third college student has been arrested in connection with a sexual assault that occurred during Spring Break in Panama City.  Law enforcement officials are looking for another suspect—but have little to go on.

Bay County officials are considering changes to the rules for drinking and partying in Panama City Beach in response to rampant crime there. The crackdown comes as Spring Break partying reaches new levels.

David Jamichael Daniels, 22, of Mobile, AL is charged with seven counts of attempted murder in Panama City, Beach.
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Seven people remain hospitalized in Panama City Beach, Florida after an early morning shooting. 22-year-old David Jamichael Daniels of Mobile, AL has been charged with seven counts of attempted murder.