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Florida lawmakers are advancing a plan to allocate $100 million a year to the land buying program Florida Forever. Last year the legislature zeroed out its funding.

The nation’s largest solar panel installer is setting up shop in Orlando, but activists say Florida has a way to go before earning the nickname “Sunshine State.” 

With two landslide victories under their belts, environmentalists say they are waiting to decide whether to revive a solar ballot initiative in 2018.

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Opponents of Amendment One are calling on the Florida Supreme Court to block the initiative less than a week before Election Day.  The group Floridians for Solar Choice believes amendment backers misled voters and the Court.

Another Florida icon is joining Key West troubadour Jimmy Buffett in the anti-Amendment 1 camp.

Florida troubadour Jimmy Buffett is coming out against Amendment 1, the utility-backed solar-power initiative.

The free-market leaning James Madison Institute is distancing itself from comments made by one of its vice presidents regarding the motives behind a utility-backed solar amendment.

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In a matter of weeks Floridians will be asked to decide on a seemingly humdrum amendment giving citizens a constitutional right to solar.  But opponents are up in arms—claiming power companies are using the initiative as a way to stifle the spread of solar power. 

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As Floridians start receiving ballots in the mail, Amendment One opponents are making a last-minute push to defeat the utility backed initiative.  The state’s power companies are pouring millions into passing the measure.

The head of the Florida Christian Coalition says he’s willing to risk the wrath of his conservative backers when it comes to energy policy.

Environmental, political and religious groups say they hope to eclipse a controversial solar power ballot initiative known as Amendment 1.

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Tuesday Floridians voted overwhelmingly to lower taxes on solar equipment. But activists are bracing for another campaign – this one against a utility-backed amendment on the November ballot.

A lawsuit accusing the Legislature of violating Amendment 1, the 2014 environmental mandate, is heating up in a Leon County Circuit Court.

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Advocates who pushed for Amendment 1 say funds earmarked for environmental conservation in the coming year’s budget are being misused.  They’ve filed suit in hopes of restricting how lawmakers spend the money in the next session.

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Environmentalists have announced a lawsuit against Florida for the way lawmakers divvied up money tied to the state’s new conservation amendment.

Amendment One Spending Legality In Question

Jun 19, 2015
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With the state budget to be passed this evening, conservationists are upset over the way Amendment One funds were allocated. The state’s main land-buying program for conservation, Florida-Forever, was left with significantly fewer dollars than other conservation commissions – who are using their allotted funds for personnel.

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Nearly 75 percent of Florida voters backed the state’s new environmental conservation constitutional amendment. Amendment One backers call that overwhelming approval a mandate to the legislature to follow through on funding. But the $750 million generated for Amendment one, doesn’t look like the windfall environmentalists had hoped for.

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Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam is weighing in on what he’d like to see in the budget when the Legislature comes back to Tallahassee for a special session on the spending plan.

Environmentalists scooped green sludge from polluted water in South Florida and brought it to the Capitol Tuesday to urge lawmakers to buy nearly 47 thousand acres of Everglades wilderness.