Agricluture Commissioner Adam Putnam

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A surprise outcome in Florida’s democratic gubernatorial primary has Democrats hopeful to reclaim the governor’s mansion and wrest control from Republicans for the first time in 20 years. It also marks a strong shift to the left — and hopes rest with Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, who could become the first black governor in Florida’s history.

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A bill to help provide closure for families impacted by the now-closed Dozier School for Boys is now headed to Governor Rick Scott. That’s the former North Florida reform school surrounded by allegations of abuse and deaths over a span of decades.

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The Florida Cabinet as well as stakeholders involved in the issue are reviving a discussion about what should be done with the now defunct Dozier School for Boys, surrounded by allegations of abuse and deaths over the course of a century.

State Ag Department Announces Energy Summit

Sep 28, 2015

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce will hold an Energy Summit in October. The organizations are trying to come up with plans to diversify the state’s energy sector. 

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After declaring an agricultural state of emergency last week, Florida Agriculture commissioner Adam Putnam is steadily tracking an Oriental fruit fly outbreak in South Florida. In a recent update, Putnam said scientists have found one more fruit fly since last week’s count, for a total of 159. Department spokeswoman Jenn Meale says officials have mechanisms in place for fighting the potentially devastating pest.

Fruits and Veggies at a farmer's market
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Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam has declared an agricultural state of emergency after scientists detected more than 158 oriental fruit flies in South Florida. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services spokeswoman, Jenn Meale says the infestation is a serious concern for the industry.

He’s not declaring victory, but Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam is heading to South Florida Wednesday to mark progress in eradicating the giant African land snail.