2016 presidential race

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A Florida Senator filed a bill Wednesday to get rid of the Electoral College, which was the deciding factor in electing Donald Trump as the next President.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton make their final pitch to voters
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The vitriol surrounding November’s election didn’t dissipate after the votes came in. If anything, it grew stronger. But then some of the focus turned from the presidential candidates to the members of the Electoral College.

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Groups of protestors swarmed in front of the Florida State Senate chamber Monday, calling for the state’s 29 electors to flip their vote from President-elect Donald Trump. But as expected, electors stayed the course.

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U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson discussed the controversy over last month's election and the next administration.

A “Festivus” pole will reappear in the Florida Capitol this year as a mock holiday celebration after officials granted a request by free-speech advocates with the Religious Liberty Project. 

Mac Stipanovich
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It’s no secret that longtime Florida Republican strategist Mac Stipanovich doesn’t like Donald Trump. This week he became the latest Florida GOP official to publicly back Democrat Hilary Clinton for President. Stipanovich shares his thoughts on the state of the Grand Old Party, and where it goes after this election.

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In 2000, all eyes turned to Florida to watch one of the closest presidential elections ever, coming down to a margin of 537 votes. This year, Florida’s fate could once again lie with the state’s swing voters, who are struggling to choose between two candidates with historic unfavorable ratings.

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein campaigned in Miami on Friday night, laying out plans for a "Green New Deal" to combat climate change and spur job growth.


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Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton leads Republican Nominee Donald Trump by 10 points in a new Quinnipiac University poll. But the poll also suggests many voters chose their candidate so the opponent wouldn't win.

Green Party Wooing Dissatisfied Voters

Jun 10, 2016
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The Bernie or Bust movement is still alive, as its supporters maintain their refusal to vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election.The Green Party is looking to pick up those votes.

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The Libertarian Party is in Orlando this weekend, deciding who will get its nod for Presidential nominee. And this year, the convention has bigger implications for the general election than it has in other cycles.

Mac Stipanovich
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Mac Stipanovich is a longtime presence in Florida’s Republican politics. He’s been a lobbyist, advisor and campaign director. And he’s the latest in a line of Florida Republicans who do not want to see a Donald Trump Presidency. Stipanovich has penned an open letter encouraging others to reject Mr. Trump.

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Tallahassee may be a lucrative stop for the Clintons. The campaigns biggest surrogate, former President Bill Clinton spoke to Democrats at the home of Florida Party chairwoman Allison Tant.

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This Tuesday, Florida voters weighed in on who should be the next president of the United States. But some 1.5 million Floridians are left out of that voting process: convicted felons.

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Florida voters delivered Donald Trump some 99 delegates Tuesday, bringing him one big step closer to the nomination. But the Trump phenomenon has two sides: for and against.

Bill Clinton speaking at FAMU
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Former President Bill Clinton is urging Florida voters to get to the polls as the state’s presidential primary nears.  He spoke Monday at Florida A&M University.

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Jazz great Wynton Marsalis has hailed Jacksonville native and FSU professor Marcus Roberts as "the genius of modern piano". This campaign season the critically acclaimed jazz pianist and composer was struck by the diverse voices and perspectives of the candidates.

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With the redistricting process up in the air after lawmakers failed to pass a map proposal last week, the state’s election officials are worried as the 2016 elections draw near.

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A leading Republican presidential candidate made a Tallahassee stopover on Monday. Dr. Ben Carson’s book signing attracted well over 1,000 people (final estimates pegged the turnout at just above 1,500).


Starting this weekend, Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson is slated to be in Florida as part of a book tour.