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Florida Senate Committee Unanimously Passes Bill Aimed To Create Guidelines For Coastal Construction

Blue skies above a sandy beach
Daniel Piraino via Flickr

A Florida senate environmental committee unanimously passes a bill aimed to create guidelines for state funded construction projects in coastal areas. 

Senate Billl 78 is the latest measure by lawmakers aimed at tackling the impacts of climate change. Bill sponsor Jose Rodriguez (D-Miami) wants a sea level impact analysis before any state funded coastal construction projects break ground. The Miami Democrat claims the plan not only has beneficial environmental impacts but economic ones as well.

“There are credit markets, there are reinsures folks in the insurance and financial industry that are watching very closely what we are doing and my view and I think this is born out by what we are reading and seeing is we need to show we are leading we need to show we have a plan we need to show that we are taking action."  says Rodriguez. 

The bill passed with a 5-0 vote in the Senate Envioremntal and Natural Resources Committee. Rodriguez says climate legislation shouldnt be a partisan issue,

“A lot of people look at the topic look at the topic of dealing with resiliency dealing with the effects of climate change as a partisan issue I am trying to help make that case that we have moved passed that this is simply a good government issue,” Rodriguez says.

The bill is set to see three more Senate committees. It comes as the state considers banning fracking, and how to implement an offshore drilling ban.