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North Florida Appropriations Project Bills For The 2019 Legislative Session

The 2019 legislative session is drawing near. Here are some appropriations project bills under consideration.

Bay County

Rep. Jay Trumbull (R-Bay County)
Rep. Jay Trumbull (R-Bay County)

Jay Trumbull (R)

HB 2359 – Mexico Beach hurricane Michael recovery – Purpose: One-time only beach restoration of the entire 3 miles of Mexico Beach shoreline from the Mexico Beach Channel to the Gulf County line. The placement of 1.25 million cubic yards of sand to reestablish a protective dune as well as berm, providing critically-needed future upland storm protection and economic recovery benefits. $25,000,000

HB 2577 – Life Management Center North FL Hurricane Michael Recovery Project Purpose: To recover damages and operational losses from Hurricane Michael. With Staff attrition due to local damage and our own facilities being damaged, we are currently operating at 35% capacity compared to prior services before October 10th. Damages have left the Circuit with only our 16 bed capacity CSU. Life Management's request for funding of this project will aid in restoring operations to 100%, which benefits the community with those in need of mental health services. $1,004,650

HB 2785-2861, 2877, 2879 – Hurricane Michael Recovery for Bay County elementary, middle & high schools, which suffered wind and water damage during hurricane Michael. Total: $248,550,000

Leon County

Fmr. Rep. Loranne Ausley
Credit Florida House of Representatives

Loranne Ausley (D)

HB 2271 – Backup generators in special needs facilities – Purpose: To install a backup generator at the Florida Department of Health facility located at 872 West Orange Avenue in Tallahassee. With a backup generator, this facility would be able to serve as a secondary shelter location for citizens with special medical needs following a disaster. $300,000

HB 2273 - Backup generators in libraries/community – Purpose: To install backup generators at eight critical Leon County Facilities (branch libraries and community centers). These facilities are utilized to support disaster response and recovery operations. $1,000,000

HB 2275 – State Employee Health Plan - The goal of the pilot is to set up a value based contract within the state employee health plan system for diabetes to demonstrate cost savings for the state through a value based payment model for prescription drugs. The objective would be to demonstrate cost savings to the state and better health outcomes to beneficiaries in the state employee health plans as measured by pre-determined metrics mutually agreed upon with the manufacturer and the state health plan administrators. $250,000

HB 2277 – Tallahassee Jewish Community Safety Initiative – Purpose: To provide security measures for the Tallahassee Jewish community, Inc., which provides safe housing for the 350 families who worship and a preschool serving 120 children. $450,000

HB 2683 - Mental health & Telehealth for those recovering from Hurricane Michael – Purpose: To expand the pediatric behavioral health navigator program to meet the increased need for services by children and families affected by Hurricane Michael. This program will include Telehealth and therefore this program will use an integrated team approach. There is a need for the expansion of staff, including physicians, nurse practitioners, and licensed mental health clinicians. Funds will be used to purchase equipment, new technological support, and travel for county-specific duties. $458,000

HB 2685 – Alzheimer’s Project, Inc. - Purpose: Expansion of services to support caregivers and their loved ones living with Alzheimer's Disease or another dementia to Liberty, Calhoun, and Madison Counties and to increase services in Leon, Jefferson, Taylor, Gadsden, Gulf, Wakulla and Washington Counties through increased education and case management. To add an additional social day respite site in Leon County. Establish an additional social respite site in Jackson County or Madison County by January 2020. $140,740

HB 2687 – Independence Landing – Purpose: To create permanent independent housing for people with disabilities. $800,000

HB 2695 – Purpose: To re-grade the existing topography of the Fred George Wetland and intercept debris at a major inflow point. This project will restore wildlife habitat, rehydrate wetlands, and improve discharge into the Floridian aquifer and will directly benefit the Wakulla Springs springshed. - $1,000,000

HB 2697 – Purpose: Eliminate septic tanks, thereby reducing the amount of nitrogen and bacteria entering the groundwater and improving public health by reducing the number of bacteria entering surface water. These reductions will provide for improved water quality resulting in benefits to the environment and citizens. $1,000,000

HB 2699 – Purpose: This project will provide for the retrofit Timberlane Creek to improve water quality of stormwater through enhanced treatment of stormwater prior to entering Lake Jackson, a State Aquatic Preserve and an Outstanding Florida Water. This project includes a new stormwater pond, channel stabilization, and drainage improvements. $5,100,000

HB 3559 Purpose: This project will build a discharge pipeline for a major sewer pump station that pumps 30% of the City's total wastewater. This project will increase the resilience of Tallahassee's sewer system against storm impacts and will reduce the potential for sewer overflows by providing a pipeline at this critical choke point in the sewage system. $787,500

HB 3561 – Greenville Stormwater Management - 1. Reduce/eliminate localized flooding. 2. Improve the quality of discharged stormwater in the Suwannee basin. $500,000

HB 3563 - Purpose: To provide a governmentally designated program for at-risk mothers and babies in the Low-Income Pool. - $100,000

HB 3565 – TPD Training Facility - This year, the architect will be designing the training facility portion of the new campus to include classrooms, firing range, defensive tactical room, and a physical training room. In addition, officers are developing a wellness program for the 410 members of TPD. $1,495,343

HB 4523 – Friends of Post 84 Inc. Affordable Housing for Veterans – Purpose: To reduce homelessness, unemployment and social isolation of veterans in the area of the following counties: Gadsden, Leon, Franklin, Jackson, Wakulla, Gulf, and Calhoun. $3,300,000

HB 4641 – Survive and Thrive Human Trafficking Training Program - Professional education and training on human trafficking statewide with a focus on healthcare professionals. Programs and services for victims of trafficking will include case management, referral, and collaboration with partner agencies assisting survivors. Since trafficking survivors' needs require strong partnerships, another goal is the continuation of building partnerships with law enforcement, local services, the faith community, the healthcare sector, and local trafficking coalitions. $176,000

Rep. Ramon Alexander (D-Tallahassee).
Credit Ramon Alexander website

Ramon Alexander (D)

HB 2075 - Lake Henrietta renovation – Purpose: To support hydraulic dredging and the design and installation of a trash rack at Lake Henrietta. The removal of sediment and litter from the lake will improve water quality flowing to Lake Munson and ultimately to Wakulla Springs. $1,500,000

HB 2079 – Harbinwood Estates Septic to Sewer – Purpose: This project is the design phase of a wastewater collection system in the Harbinwood Estates neighborhood, to be connected to the City of Tallahassee’s central sewer system. Converting wastewater treatment in the Harbinwood Estates subdivision to advanced wastewater treatment will reduce the total nitrogen load by 8,000 pounds per year. $2,500,000

HB 2093 – Offender Reentry Assistance – Purpose: This project seeks funding to enhance local re-entry programs serving the Leon County community. $300,000

HB 2195 – COVE Learning Academy – Purpose: The goal of COVE Learning Academy is to reverse trauma children experience. Living Stones' focus are in-home assessments, diverse learning methods, mentor, wellness sessions, life skills, and social and emotional learning (SEL), as well as referrals to pediatric behavioral counseling for a total of 120 children in year one, 240 children year two and three within Leon, Gadsden and Jefferson Counties. $305,000

HB 2257 –TCC Business Information Technology Labs – Purpose: To remodel classrooms previously used for medical science professions to become technology laboratories for students in the Business Information technology programs. This will require remodeling of the physical classroom space for modular learning, expansion of data and network connectivity, multi-functional furniture for variable modalities of instruction, updated individual and classroom technologies. Change to the electrical and classroom layout. $10,702,157

HB 2449 – Florida Youth Leadership improvement – Purpose: The Tallahassee Chapter of The Links, Incorporated is requesting to enhance and replicate its nationally award winning youth leadership development, mentoring and character education program as a statewide pilot program. This curriculum based program promotes leadership and life skills development, character education, cultural awareness and community service while also establishing community based mentors and scholarships for students. $425,000

HB 2539 – Lively Technical Center instructional aviation Aircraft – Purpose: To purchase an up-to-date aircraft for instructional purposes for the Aviation Program. Students enrolled in the Aviation Maintenance Program will be taught using this equipment as they prepare for the FAA Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic certification. $250,000

HB 3013 – TCC - The Leon Works Expo and Junior Apprenticeship Program will raise awareness about careers in the skilled workforce and directly provide emerging students with entry-level skills training and work experience prior to entering the private workforce. $100,000

HB 3015 – TCC Building Automation System - Remodel 16,550 square feet of existing classroom space into student labs for the Building Automation Systems program allowing students to learn to install and service automated systems and use current technologies for HVAC, security, lighting, fire alarm systems, and more. This will provide certification and necessary skills preparing students for a career in the Building Automation, Energy Management, Industry, including but not limited to access controls, fire alarm systems, lighting control. $1,500,000

HB 3017 – FAMU Agriculture & Environmental Research Station - The goal is to enable FAMU to develop the Brooksville Agricultural and Environmental Research Station of becoming an outstanding research and education center that serves the nation and the state of Florida through innovative research projects with industry partners, quality education and experiential learning to students and the community, and providing solutions to stakeholder problems as we continue our Land-Grant mission of training future scientists, professionals and leaders. $1,719,136

HB 4981 – FSU Tallahassee Vets Legal Collaborative - Legal services for Veterans and their families, especially homeless, at risk of homeless, disabled and economically vulnerable Veterans in the multi-county area. $350,000

HB 4983 – TCC Nursing Program - Remodel 16,550 square feet of existing classroom space into student labs for the Building Automation Systems program allowing students to learn to install and service automated systems and use current technologies for HVAC, security, lighting, fire alarm systems, and more. This will provide certification and necessary skills preparing students for a career in the Building Automation, Energy Management, Industry, including but not limited to access controls, fire alarm systems, lighting control. $5,157,750

HB 4985 – TLH New Jobs Workforce Development - Provide access to workforce training in high-demand areas for immediate employment in the region. Increase the competitiveness of unemployed talent seeking immediately productive jobs. The local business community will benefit from an increase in local talent pool of heavy equipment operators that can be hired for local, well-paid construction projects in the region. $688,313

HB 4987 – Bethel Ready4Work - The purpose of the program and the need for additional funds is to offer job training, job placement opportunities, and other support services for inmates and ex-offenders released from a Florida Department of Corrections institution or who are actively on probation for a felony offense.  $651,660

HB 4989 – Envision at Dre’s Pathway - 76% of the 961,000 intellectually and developmentally disabled adults in Florida still live at home with a family caregiver. Dre's Pathway independent supportive living housing program will provide the training advocacy, resources, and on-going supports that will give 50 clients the opportunity to live in their own homes, have a say in their own lives, work and participate as active and contributing members of their families and community. $75,000

HB 4997 – FAMU Classroom Technology Upgrades - Information Technology Services continues its commitment to enhancing campus classrooms with technologies that support teaching and learning environments. Last semester, the general classrooms had a technology upgrade to support the new dynamic teaching approaches of our faculty. This project attempts to address improvements to the University's major smart classrooms, as well as distance learning initiates to increase student performance, graduation rates & retention. $10,671,100

HB 4999 – FAMU Infrastructure - Central equipment and infrastructure are the framework of a successful campus that help students, faculty, and staff perform to their highest potential. With the requested funds, a new high efficiency chiller, low-emissions and high efficiency boilers, and redundant condenser water well will be provided thereby improving the utility infrastructure capacity, reliability, and energy efficiency. This will also reduce the University's deferred maintenance and improve its resilience. $21,126,000

Gadsden County

Ramon Alexander (D)

HB 2049 –African American Preservation network – Purpose: To serve the 30+ Network museums/sites that will receive direct grants from the FAAPHN to help support their historical and cultural programming, technology upgrades, internship programs and serve the general public. These funds allow the FAAPHN to be a resource for institutions, individuals, and agencies where the intellectual property, oral histories, artifacts and/or cultural treasures are needed to carry out major themes or programs. $475,000

HB 2537 – Emergency Lift Stations in Chattahoochee – Purpose: To install permanently mounted emergency by-pass pumps at 4 locations throughout the City. The pumps will be powered by a natural gas or diesel engine and will be operated by an independent set of float controls. The systems will be completely stand alone to the most comprehensive redundancies possible. $250,000

HB2863 – Quincy Sparkleberry & Oak Road Extension - The purpose is to extend essential utilities to an underserved area of the City. In order to promote environmental benefits, the City intends to extend sewer services to the Sparkleberry Road and Oak Grove Lane areas. Also, to protect the environment and water resources, the City of Quincy is seeking funding to construct a 10,000 linear foot gravity sewer collection system, along with associated lift station and force main. The subdivision consist of 70 residences; 150 associated platted lots. $425,000

HB 2867 – Emergency Lift Stations in Gretna – Purpose: To install permanently mounted emergency by-pass pumps at 5 locations throughout the City. The pumps will be powered by a natural gas or diesel engine and will be operated by an independent set of float controls. The systems will be completely stand alone to the most comprehensive redundancies possible. $425,000

HB 2869 – Quincy Lift Station Resiliency – Purpose: To install permanently mounted emergency by-pass pumps at 6 locations. The pumps will be powered by a natural gas or diesel engine and will be operated by an independent set of float controls; completely stand alone to the most comprehensive redundancies possible. $510,000

HB 2871 – Havana Emergency Lift Station Rehabilitation – Purpose: The Town has identified 2 lift stations in need of rehabilitation. These lift stations are located on 12th Ave East and 5th St NE. The rehabilitation may include the replacement of pumps and controls, lining of wet wells, electrical upgrades, and site improvements. $300,000

HB 2909 – Chattahoochee City Hall Emergency Management Building - Purpose: To purchase and upgrade an existing building to serve as an emergency command center and City Hall for the City of Chattahoochee. Upgrades would include, but not limited to, new storm protective windows and doors, new generator with connection, minor room reconfigurations to accommodate meeting areas, HVAC upgrades, new electrical/communication hardware, roof inspection and repairs if warranted, and upgraded carpet, paint, and fixtures. $500,000

HB 3025 – Havana sprayfield land acquisition – Purpose: To purchase 125 acres where the Town’s WWTF effluent sprayfield is currently located. Presently, the Town leases the property from Coastal Lumber Co. Although the land owner has always been a reliable partner with the Town, the intent is for the Town to own the site to ensure control and longevity of the system. As the sale of the property would be mutually beneficial, Coastal Lumber is agreeable to the sale. $1,500,000

HB 3569 – Gadsden Center/Economic Empowerment - The Center for Economic Empowerment will address the health disparities of the county, declined income of local farmers, dwindling number of professional farmers and develop skills and provide support for small businesses. $300,000

HB 3571 – Children & Women’s Wellness Center - Bond’s goal is to: 1) improve the overall health for high risk children (medical and dental), to improve birth outcomes of expectant mothers, and to increase access to behavioral health services--addressing family trauma associated with substance abuse, natural disasters, and domestic violence. 2) provide a practical ambulatory training ground for young physicians and medical students. 3) increase the health literacy of the community--educating residents on the importance of prevention. $850,000

HB 4979 – UNF Improve school readiness outcomes for children living in rural communities by partnering with public libraries, schools, child care centers, business, governmental agencies, other community agencies, and families to provide programs and services designed to help children enter kindergarten ready to read, ready to learn, and ready to succeed. $500,000

Madison County

Ramon Alexander (D)

HB 3667 – North Florida building remodels - North Florida needs to remodel general classroom space to provide for current educational needs. The building is over 50 years old and has been well maintained; however, the usefulness is limited due to the building's infrastructure for technology, plumbing and layout. The building serves as the campus's main general classroom space for AA programs. $3,463,750

HB 9023 – North Florida Community College manufacturing center - North Florida needs to expand manufacturing training initially started under a federal TAAACT grant that was awarded in 2013. The request includes a remodel and addition to our current Career and Technical Center to accommodate the large machinery and equipment used for training purposes. $12,786,339

Franklin County

Ramon Alexander (D)

HB 9041 – Apalachicola drinking water improvements - Purpose: To bring the City of Apalachicola's municipal water supply into state compliance for Trihalomethanes by installing the filtration system required by DEP. $1,666,919

HB 9043 – Apalachicola Sewer Improvements - Purpose: To repair and replacement of critical wastewater infrastructure to service the City of Apalachicola's residents, businesses, and visitors while protecting Apalachicola Bay and supporting economic development. $2,774,500

HB 9051 – Apalachicola SRF Default Relief - Purpose: To clear the $755,000 in default that is owed by the City of Apalachicola for previous wastewater improvements financed by a State Revolving Loan. $755,000

Casey Chapter is a freshman at Florida State University studying Digital Media Production and Literature, Media & Culture. She is a staff writer and photographer for the FSView & Florida Flambeau, an intern for WFSU Public Media, and a dog lover. After graduation, she plans to work in journalism.