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Primary Race Looks Headed for a Recount

The candidates vying for the Democratic slot in the  tight race for Florida’s Senate District 27, which serves Palm Beach County, have a while to wait before they’ll know who will be on the ballot in the general election. The race is likely heading for a re-count.

The supervisor of elections in Palm Beach County suspended the ballot count at about 2 a.m. Tuesday, with plans to restart the count Wednesday evening, in a primary race that pits two current house members against one another for a newly open Senate seat. Mack Bernard, who at last count trailed Jeff Clemens by about 35 votes, said he wants to be sure all the votes cast are included.

“This race includes a crop of new voters, Haitian speaking voters, Haitian speaking voters, who this was their first time voting in the primary and we’re really concerned about making sure that everyone who had shown up to the poll, either who had voted  by ballot, or by absentee ballot, or by provisional ballot their vote gets counted,” Bernard said.

If the candidates come out within half a percentage point of each other, a recount is automatically required.