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Southerland pushes for payroll tax cut extension, pipeline project

Rep. Steve Southerland

By James Call

Tallahassee, FL – Capitol Hill wrangling over extension of a payroll tax cut is costing North Florida jobs, according to second district Congressman Steve Southerland. James Call reports, Southerland wants the Senate to pass a House plan extending a two-percent break for another year.

Republicans like Southerland call the proposal the "Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act" while Democrats say it's a political tease. That's because House
Republicans inserted extraneous riders into the tax cut bill. Like advancing a Canada to Gulf Coast pipeline. But Southerland says delay of the Keystone pipeline has already cost his district 200 jobs.

"This Keystone Pipeline project is not just affecting the Dakotas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, these are Florida jobs, right here, people we know."

The GOP-controlled House passed a bill Tuesday extending a payroll tax cut. Democrats balked at unrelated provisions included in the extension. Wednesday Republican Senators blocked a vote on the proposal when it appeared there were not enough votes for it to pass.