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Gov Scott derails high speed train


By James Call

Tallahassee, FL – The Florida Senate is telling Governor Rick Scott he stepped over a line when >he rejected high speed rail money without talking to lawmakers. James Call reports, a veto proof majority of 26 Senators have written a letter urging the federal government to give the state 2.4 billion dollars for a bullet train that Scott rejected Wednesday.

Lawmakers were caught off guard when the Governor announced Florida was pulling out of the project. He cited research by a libertarian group when he concluded it was not a good investment. The legislature had met in special session to approve state participation in building a high speed rail link. Scott calls it a boondoggle, but lawmakers like Senator Nan Rich want the 2.4 billion dollars from the federal government to create jobs and economic development.

"That's what it is. About spending federal money. But you know what? Our taxpayers pay their taxes and we deserve to get our fair share back in Florida. Whether it is in transportation or health and human services in education wherever it might be."

If Florida does not participate, Washington will be able to divert the money intended for the Tampa to Orlando link to rail systems in other states. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has given Florida's congressional delegation a week to come up with a plan to keep the Florida project alive.