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Capital Report: 2-13-2020

A Tallahassee-based non-profit that for decades has controlled all state spending for domestic violence programs is now the target of multiple investigations, and Governor Ron DeSantis for the first time has raised the possibility of possible criminal wrongdoing by the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Steve Bousquet has our report.

The original idea was to get big money out of state politics in Florida.  Serious candidates could tap into public money so as not to be so beholden to organized special interests.  But, as Blaise Gainey tells us, the days of that public funding of campaigns may be ending if a measure to do just that gets traction in the Legislature.

Ryan Dailey talks with Tom Flanigan about the similarities and differences between the House and Senate budget versions, which passed out of their respective chambers today. (Thursday, February 13)

Over the years, the State of Florida has been steadily increasing the number of things that can cost you your driver license.  And many of these things have nothing to do with traffic infractions.  From WLRN, Nadege Green takes a look at the consequences.

Healthcare professionals are pushing for a bill that lets advanced nurse practitioners work independently of doctors. They say it will tighten the gap between limited healthcare providers and demands for accessible healthcare. Spearheading the legislative push is Rep. Cary Pigman who is also an emergency medicine physician. But Ralph Cantave [Can-tav] reports not all doctors agree the move is a good thing.

Florida lawmakers want to repeal a 113-year old regulation on telegraph companies. Lawmakers say it’s long overdue, considering the nation’s last official telegraph service closed in 2006. Robbie Gaffney reports.