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Capital Report: 2-6-2020

A controversial and contentious measure requiring minors to have parental consent before they can obtain abortions in Florida has cleared a big legislative hurdle, as we hear from Ryan Dailey.

State workers have been calling for a pay raise for years. This week the House and Senate released their plans to give them one. As Blaise Gainey reports, a union that represents majority of state employees applauds the move but wants more.

A proposal in the legislature could change how recounts are conducted in Florida. The measure hinges on an auditing system that at least one local supervisor says is better at accessing digital copies of paper ballots than what’s currently being used. More on that from Robbie Gaffney.

Across Florida, elderly residents are worried. Many seniors live on fixed incomes, and they rely on small monthly pensions and Social Security checks to make ends meet. So nothing grabs their attention like being hit in the pocketbook -- especially if it's a new tax. Seniors are learning that the federal government could soon cost them money, and the Legislature could get dragged into it. Steve Bousquet has more.

Every day, water bottling companies extract more than a million gallons of water from Florida’s natural springs. Some lawmakers and advocates say those companies aren’t being held accountable for the water shortages they could cause. But Kayla Gallagher reports, the companies and even some environmentalists say they’re not the cause of the state’s water woes.

It’s been almost two years since the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and in the Florida House, a bill calling for schools to have panic alarms in the event of an emergency is gaining support. Victoria Dominguez reports on what this bill could mean for schools.

Grassroots efforts to amend the Florida constitution could get trickier under a bill that’s on its way to the House floor. Regan McCarthy reports.