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Capital Report: 1-15-2020

A bill to require parental consent for a minor’s abortion has one more stop to go before heading to the senate floor for a vote. If passed, it would penalize physicians for aborting a minor’s pregnancy without consent from their parents or guardians. Robbie Gaffney reports.

A bill that would remove time limits for prosecuting sexual battery on minors cleared its first hurdle in the House today. Ryan Dailey reports lawmakers heard powerful testimony from a survivor of sexual assault, who now advocates for victims.

A measure preventing bans on sunscreen is back after it failed last year. If it becomes law this year it would stop a Key West ban on certain sunscreens from going into effect. That’s the goal of bill sponsor Jacksonville Republican Senator Rob Bradley. Blaise Gainey has the details.

The Florida Healthcare Association and AARP are talking to anyone who will listen: their message—pay attention to long-term care. Florida’s population is getting older and according to federal data, in 10 years, a third Floridians will be over 60. That milestone comes as the state’s funding for programs like home care, nursing home funding and caregiver support lags behind.

Governor Ron DeSantis appears well on his way to securing more money for Everglades Restoration and water quality improvements. Ralph Cantave reports both House and Senate leaders appear to agree that these should be priorities.

Fines could soon be doubled for people who drive around, or fail to stop for school buses with their stop arm out. Regan McCarthy reports a bill moving through the House has just one committee left to go.