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Capital Report: 1-10-2020

In the upcoming months Florida lawmakers will grapple with a decision: how to stabilize the budget of one of its healthcare agencies. The Agency for Disabilities has run deficits in most years since it was created in the early 2000’s. Lawmakers have become increasingly frustrated about constantly having to backfill those deficits. But Lynn Hatter reports advocates are concerned over which chamber will get final say over how the agency moves forward.

The future of Florida’s tourism arm is likely to play a central role this legislative session. Regan McCarthy reports while some say Visit Florida is essential to maintaining one of the state’s biggest industries, others argue advertising for private businesses isn’t the government’s job.

A slew of criminal justice reform bills will be up this 2020 legislative session. Ryan Dailey reports a number of them will get a hearing during the first week lawmakers return to Tallahassee.

Florida lawmakers banned sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants last year.  Now, Governor Ron DeSantis wants all employers to use the federal E-Verify system to make sure their workers are legally eligible to work in the United States.  Previous efforts requiring private employers to use E-verify have failed in Florida, and Gina Jordan tells us Republican lawmakers are trying again.

A 2017 law challenging Florida’s medical-marijuana industry plays a big part over what may happen with medical or recreational marijuana in Florida this session. The lawsuit is being brought by Florigrown a Tampa-based firm which was denied a license from the state. Capital Reporter Blaise Gainey speaks with Cannabis Wire’s Shawn Mulcahy about the current status of that case and the impact it could have on the upcoming session.

Parental consent for abortion, LGBTQ rights, and conversion therapy are three culture war issues vying to be heard during the 2020 legislative session. Robbie Gaffney reports.