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Capital Report: 1-3-2020

K-12 education is teed up to be a topic of focus during the 2020 legislative session. At issue heading into January 14 are teacher pay and bonuses. Ryan Dailey has more on what to expect as lawmakers convene in Tallahassee.  

Session begins in less than two weeks and lawmakers will soon consider the issues they believe are most important. Blaise Gainey spoke with Senators in South, Central and North Florida about what they are looking forward to this session.

As Legislative Session looms on the horizon, Lawmakers are trying to squeeze in their personal projects into next years’ budget. But Robbie Gaffney reports not all of those proposals will make it.

A number of firearms related bills are piling up as lawmakers prepare to head into the legislative session. Regan McCarthy reports some put more rules in place for gun purchases while others broaden the scope of where guns could be carried.

Under a new federal law, stores cannot sell tobacco products to anyone under 21. The federal Food and Drug Administration is also limiting the sale of e-cigarette and vaping flavors. It comes as bills to do both are pending in the Florida legislature ahead of the upcoming lawmaking session. Lynn Hatter looks at what’s left for states to do.

After Floridians voted to pass an amendment restoring voting rights for people with felony convictions, the state passed a controversial new law. All fines and fees would need to be paid off before they could register to vote. There are ongoing court battles, but a handful of counties across the state are working WITHIN that new law to grant voting rights to people who technically still owe money.  WLRN’s Danny Rivero reports.