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Capital Report: 05-02-2019

The Florida Senate approved its tax cut package. Shawn Mulcahy has the details.

Meanwhile, as the legislative session nears an end, lawmakers are sending bills to Governor Ron DeSantis’ desk for final approval. He can sign bills, veto them or let them pass without his signature.

A bill that provides benefits to firefighters diagnosed with cancer is one of the latest bills heading to the Governor. But as Casey Chapter tells us its facing some opposition.

In the first legislative session since the passing of Senator Dorothy Hukill, lawmakers have pushed through a piece of legislation she backed for years. Ryan Dailey reports the bill creates a mandatory financial literacy course for high school students.

Since January 8th felons have been registering to vote as long as they’ve completed their sentence, and did not commit a felony sexual offense or murder. But all session long the legislature has been trying to determine exactly who that excludes. The current bill includes attempted murder, and also makes a felon have to pay off any outstanding civil liens or obligations to the court as a result of their case. Neil Volz who works for the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition says those things were not in the minds of those who crafted the amendment, and believes what voters passed was self-enacting. He speaks with WFSU’s Blaise Gainey.

Research shows music therapy in Neonatal Intensive Care Units helps infants get released from hospitals early. As Health News Florida's Stephanie Colombini reports, experts in the state helped pioneer the practice, and now it's expanding.