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Capital Report

Capital Report: 04-18-2019

Republican State representative Jaimie Grant says there’s too much room in the state’s rules regarding petition drives. He wants to close what he says are loopholes. But others see the effort as a way to restrict citizen-driven changes to the state’s governing document. And as Lynn Hatter reports, those warring views clashed Thursday in a Florida house hearing.

Ryan Dailey has been following the many changes that took place in a Senate committee today in a sweeping education reform bill and talks over the highlights with Tom Flanigan.

A measure that aims to help utilities keep the lights on following a major storm is ready for discussion on the floor of both Florida chambers. But as Regan McCarthy reports the plan comes at a cost.

A bill that would set a cap on toll roads in Miami-Dade County passed the full House today. Bill sponsor Hialeah Republican Representative Bryan Avila says what the Expressway Authority has been doing is egregious and must come to a stop. Blaise Gainey has the details.

We’re heading into an early weekend at the Florida Capitol, so Gina Jordan is looking ahead to Session’s next-to-final week.

Previous attempts by Florida lawmakers to crack down on distracted driving went nowhere.  But there seems to be more movement in that direction this year and Tom Flanigan visited a Tallahassee traffic safety fair where organizers were hopeful the legislation will finally pass.