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Capital Report: 04-10-2019

It was a vote heard ‘round the legislature this week, when the Senate Minority Leader voted down on a bill looking to add protections from anti-Semitism discrimination in public schools. Ryan Dailey reports Senator Audrey Gibson is now walking back comments made in committee.

The Senate Industry, Innovation and Technology Committee approved a measure clearing the way for legal hemp…again. Shawn Mulcahy reports a similar bill creating a state hemp program has one more stop before the floor.

How much say should local governments have in passing regulations? That’s been a battle going back years now in the legislature. Now, lawmakers are again looking at a variety of preemption bills. Casey Chapter tells us more.

Florida’s Legislature appears determined to make it more difficult to amend the state’s Constitution. Gabrielle Bolden reports.

With renewable energy being at the forefront of issues with many climate advocates, utility companies are often seen as culprits when it comes to slowing down clean energy legislation. Kevin Del Orbe [del-Or-bay] reports on the power utility companies have on state energy standards.

A recent story from the Fort Myers News Press shows the Florida Department of Health struggled to respond to concerned citizens and the media at the height of last year’s blue-green algae bloom and the toxic cyanobacteria that came with it.  WGCU’s Julie Glenn talked with the reporter on that story, Amy Bennet- Williams about the thousands of internal e-mails she obtained through Florida’s Sunshine Law.

For years now some members of the legislature have been pushing to create a way to help firefighters battling cancer. Studies show they are more likely to be diagnosed with the disease, because of their line of work. This year the effort has overwhelming support in the Senate but hasn’t been heard in a house committee yet. Blaise Gainey has the details.